Two To Go, Please

The new Rolls Royce SUV, Cullinan. I wonder how they came up with the name. One of you will know, I’m sure.

The rear has two folding out swivel chairs for tailgating at your next polo match.

The front of the Cullinan is quintessential Rolls, grille and all. I mean, if you’re gonna go SUV, Rolls looks like the way to go.

Don’t know who Schmee is but here’s his YT video tour.

At $325k, maybe I shouldn’t limit myself to only two??

12 thoughts on “Two To Go, Please

      1. I would have hoped RR would have come up with something better (frankly, their owner, BMW, produces nothing that I have any desire for – so they are no help). Let’s face it, if you are out and about, with that kind of dough, you need this:

        1. The Marauder is what’s needed on Friday’s northbound on the Hutch! Or getting from the upper level of the GWB to 87N. Merge two lanes right? No problem!!!

        2. The maintenance bills alone would knock me out if contention. Did you see what it cost to repair the hydraulics of the roof? I’m guessing it was in six feet of water after a flood or hurricane. Hard pass.

        3. Relax! It’s all done now and you’ll have many, many miles of flaunting luxury. Besides, I’d never put the top up anyway!

    1. I knew you’d all tell me the significance of the name. Here all this time I thought I was in possession of the largest flawless diamond ever found. Huh.

  1. Absolutely hideous. But on the plus side it makes the Bentley SUV, which is already all over Greenwich, look gorgeous.

    1. I saw a pale blue Bentley SUV last week in Bedford, with CT plates. He must have gotten lost to end up here! Is Miller Motors the default seller or does Bentley have their own showroom in Greenwich?

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