I Truly Don’t Understand What McCain is Doing. Do You?


Okay, I know, the man is dying of cancer and yes, he was imprisoned for years in Hanoi, but with so much news coming out every day, the hatred in this man’s heart seems to know no bounds.

It was reported yesterday that McCain was the one who gave the dossier to Comey (unverified, but that’s the reported rumor). I believe it.

McCain is opposing CIA nominee Haspel yet he voted for Brennan.

McCain has openly said he doesn’t want Trump at his funeral and has asked Obama to give the eulogy. Further, McCain told Biden to run again, run with the wind Joe.

What bothers me the most is that I voted for McCain, even though I couldn’t stand him or Sarah Palin. Speaking of Palin, McCain is also saying he regretted choosing Palin, but Palin, to her credit, has not said a thing. Good for her.

So, call me old fashioned, but I think when you know your time on this earth is about to come to an end, you make amends. You reach out and extend a hand to those you felt you were distanced from, or someone with whom you hod a grudge.

Also, why make public every bit of hateful commentary? McCain has every right not to want Trump at his funeral, but to make it public, to keep a feud going til the day he dies, why? Why does someone do that?

I alternately feel sorry for and anger at McCain. I saw where he was held in Hanoi, know it must have been hell, but that’s all the more reason when you die, you say how thankful you are for what you do have, how good life has been for him since he came home.  He has everything most people would want – yet in his last days, he spews forth venom. In the words of Socrates, Go Figure.

Meanwhile folks, the happy photo op of the day…..No words. Pure Joy!


17 thoughts on “I Truly Don’t Understand What McCain is Doing. Do You?

  1. You don’t understand what McCain is doing? He’s pure evil and the number one Trump hater. He’s why Drain The Swamp was invented. He’s never served Arizonans well. RINO through and through. Vindictive. Petty. Smug. Sorry, I don’t care that he was a prisoner – he behavior today is disgraceful. I voted for him too.

      1. Put me down as a ditto too. Even if you harbor all that regret and hate, why make it public? Tell your spouse or your priest, not the Washington Post.

        1. Anon, I think for me it’s what you said. Even if McCain does have all these regrets, why make them public? It only furthers people’s disdain. I’d think he’d rather go out being remembered as a good guy.

        2. +1.

          It’s being reported more widely now that McCain was the person who delivered the dossier to Comey. Trump calling McCain every name in the book, McCain pushed back.

          I saw this quote although can’t verify McCain actually said it or if this is fake news. It’s in regards to the dossier.

          ‘I did what duty demanded I do. I discharged that obligation, and I would do it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell’

  2. I prefer to talk about the positive – The men released. Mika and Joe didn’t know what to make of it and tried to make it a bad thing.

    I got chills seeing this photo.

  3. I don’t know that McCain is actually doing anything. I think it’s more than possible that he is already in a vegetative state and that “his” statements are actually the product of someone else’s master plan to legitimize President Trump, if indeed they are coming at all. Also highly likely they are fake news.

    1. Excellent point and All true. I think Jane alluded to that in her comment, that so far no one knows if HE is actually saying these things. I saw a photo of McCain with his daughter Meghan posted recently where McCain looked gaunt but there’s no telling when it was actually taken.

      However, I’d think if it’a all fake news, daughter Meghan might have taken people to task on Twitter or The View. She’s no wallflower and holds her own quite well against the other hosts.

  4. I questioned his thinking when he chose Palin so his comments now don’t surprise me. He still has a chance of departing this life with some grace and dignity although he doesn’t seem inclined to do so.

    1. As Cripes said tho, and a good point she made, who knows if McCain himself is actually driving the comments. If he (or his family) is driving the commentary, perhaps McCain thinks by saying what’s on his mind as a TrumpHater, he’ll be perceived as honorable and it adds to his image as a fighter, a scrapper. I don’t know and I guess none of us knows what’s in his heart and mind.

  5. O/t but I thought of you while reading this blog today https://modernmrsdarcy.com/summer-book-list/

    The High Tide Club sounds good, and like you.

    Also wanted to pique your mind for decent areas in Baltimore? I’m looking at Airbnbs for two weeks in November. Need to be close to Sinai, but’s it’s a rather sketchy area. I know it’s not your home turf, but just checking if you have any advice, like “stay away from Pimlico!”

    1. Will answer your Baltimore question tomorrow. Was busy all day today. Thanks for the book list too. Just finished a great one today. I’ll post about it tomorrow too.

      UPDATE: Friday morning. Baltimore is not my strong suit. I know about the Maryland horse country but Baltimore proper, not so much. I do know that Pimlico is near the Sinai Hospital and that would be high on my list, but you said November so I am sure there are no races then. Crabs aren’t even in season. Sorry I can’t be more help.

      1. Thanks, I knew it was a long shot. Sinai is in an awful location, and I was hoping to figure out a better area as this time we have to stay for up to two weeks.

  6. Good on the fly interview of Palin. She stayed classy.

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