He’ll Turn Any Minute Now. He’ll Turn Any Minute Now.


I was half way into Greenwich to run an errand and then needed go way up and over to Golden’s Bridge, so I opted for all Route 22 rather than up 684 to 22. Bad move.

This truck not only never turned, I could never pass him. He was in front of my from Upper Cross Road in Greenwich to the moment I turned off 22 into a Golden’s Bridge shopping center. Like really, what are the odds???

I needed the Michigan PoPo to pull him over! Yes, a town in Michigan thought it would be fun to rename one of their patrol cars.

8 thoughts on “He’ll Turn Any Minute Now. He’ll Turn Any Minute Now.

    1. It was photoshopped? Aw shucks. I was hoping it was real. It’s kinda funny. I read an article that says people thought it was racist. The white hillbilly redneck friends I have say PoPo.

  1. Funny. Yesterday in Greenwich I got stuck behind a pickup truck creeping along under the speed limit. The back was piled high with junk, and I think he was afraid his cargo would go flying out if he had to brake suddenly. He made every turn I did until I got home. Nowhere near the length of your ordeal but still….

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