Live, from Chicago, it’s Obama’s Legacy!


Trump just handed Obama’s legacy a whole other dose of whoop-ass, kicking the Iran Deal down the drain. The media went wild, even before Trump uttered a word, and of course now, afterwards, the libs are saying Trump is a war monger and he wants war with Iran.

The confusing aspect of Trump reversing the Iran deal is the tweet from Macron saying the UK, France, and Germany regret Trump’s decision, saying they are firmly in agreement that the old deal should stand pat. I thought Macron might have sided with trump, especially that they planted a tree together. Doesn’t that make the men best buds? I also didn’t expect GB to regret the decision. Germany, I expected their derision of Trump.

Obama has been pretty quiet but yesterday he spoke in San Diego and said  I Get Worried About Our Country —Our Values Are Not Being Upheld. Add that Michelle is upset white women are confused about the country and vote the wrong values, I’d say Trump is still winning.

Now, on a completely non-political note, yesterday I bought a box of mini ice cream cones for the kidlets (okay, who am I kidding, right?) ……

……and opened the box today and fell over laughing. I did see on the box that it showed Actual Size but I guess it didn’t sink in -Not quite a one bite wonder, but two. Don’t ask how I know this!

Gorgeous day. Been outside for most of it. Hope you are too.

12 thoughts on “Live, from Chicago, it’s Obama’s Legacy!

  1. Speech pitch perfect. Message is what I wanted to hear. promises kept. A+. Our allies will come on board – I think they felt the need to show some immediate distance but in the long run, they will come around.

    The mini cones are the devils work, as bad as the ubiquitous 100 calorie packs of cookies. Nobody eats just one pack.

    My wife is coveting your Pilot fountain pen.

  2. The Great One has spoken. He is not happy.

  3. And Acosta is a criminal. He and April Ryan, Rude and Ruder of the press corps.

    Call me crazy but when I looked at Acosta’s tweet of when Trump undid of Obama’s legacy, I did a double backwards summersault of joy!

    1. Clean up in aisle 6 indeed! I had to send another IP address to spam in the latest installment of EOS HaterGate, the commenter from hell who posted nastiness overnight. Ugh.

      Trolls seem to always be bitter and hateful. I don’t get it. Thanks for some humor to get me out of my funk.

      1. By the way, there’s a whole album of that stuff if you click on the first image.
        This is a little goofy, but I think it works:

        1. What’s truly inspirational is Trump and Pompeo negotiating with NoKo to bring home three Americans. Wheels up. Damn, that’s winning!!

        2. NBC is having such a hard time finding the right words to express Trump bringing home the three men from North Korea. They can’t allow themselves to be recorded saying something positive.

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