You Will Not Win the PowerBall

Just noticed this new business in town, Bedford Psychic. I was driving and turned at the wrong angle to get a shot of the actual storefront but I think it was formerly a used car lot. But very cute storefront now, all dressed in blue and white. I wonder if they’ve consulted themselves to see how their business will fare. I wish them well.

9 thoughts on “You Will Not Win the PowerBall

  1. There was a cosmic muffin radio show back in the 80’s and the daily quote was “it is a wise man who rules the stars, it is a foolish man who is ruled by them”

    1. Aha. Great quote. It’s surprising to me tho how many people are ruled by the stars, who believe firmly in their horoscope and want a psychic to read tea leaves. Me? I already know I’m not going to run the PB. I saved whatever fee the psychic would have charged.

      1. Ron, now on the other side, quelle surprise… I thought it a bit cheesy that Sue didn’t at least run her reality show idea by Nathan – dog eat dog in LA I guess.

        1. Since I don’t know Nathan nor his show on Comedy Central, I wasn’t sure what his role was in the video series. He has a regular show where he comes up with new ideas every week?

  2. Methinks you haven’t paid any attention lately – according to their Facebook page, they’ve been in that location since late 2017.

    1. Not way. Really? I drive that route a million times a week. Never seen the sign until today. Man, it’s bad if I’m really that unobservant.

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