Get out the Popcorn

This tweet tease has everyone guessing. Rosie? Stormy? McCabe? The options are endless. Can’t wait.

25 thoughts on “Get out the Popcorn

  1. Just broke. Schneiderman.

    1. PSYCHIC!

      1. He went to Bedford Psychic in 2013????
        Incredible. Do you follow someone who posted that or trip across it? TWITTER FIND OF THE DAY.
        Update: what’s epic now is people posting old Eric Schneiderman tweets that didn’t age so well. Schneiderman also already posted his response. Consensual kinky sex! Yikes.

        1. maybe WordPress is run by a bunch of SJWs? I’v tried twice to respond and nothing shows up… maybe a meme will work:

        2. Funny you should say that. FOUR times I tried to post comments at FWIW and poof, ALL gone. I figured it was Disqus. You’re the first telling me it’s happening here.

          UPDATE: Found them in the Spam folder. Odd. I wonder if WP doesn’t like Reddit???

    1. Heh. Thanks. Had not heard that. Not surprised. Cuomo has no choice but I bet it makes Andrew sick to his stomach. He and Eric were best buds.

  2. Lots of outlets are so busy covering the Met Gala that I don’t think they’ve caught up to the Schneiderman story. It’ll be interesting to see tomorrow morning show to hear who is “shocked”. The NYorker story says the women were asked to keep the story hush because Schneiderman was so important to the Dems. Sick.

    1. True enough about the Met Gala.

      What I can figure out, and maybe we’ll learn more, is why would these otherwise smart women would keep having sex with him. Did they not have the emotional strength to walk away?

        1. The New Yorker article says the women who confided in friends about their abuse, were told by those friends to keep it hush hush. I mean, what kind of friend tells a woman who has been choked to keep it hush? That’s almost as sick, if not more, than Schneiderman’s acts of sexual perversion.

          I can only assume Schneiderman threatened their jobs or their family lives if they said anything? Still, why stay is what nags at me too.

        2. This may answer the “why didn’t the women leave” questions. Schneiderman better spend serious time in jail.

    1. THE MOST UNFUNNY PERSON ON THE PLANET. I couldn’t watch much more than 5 seconds.

      Irony: she’d have no show or “comedy” without Trump so she should be thanking him.

        1. What’s totally ironic is no doubt Schneidereman left that podium and went right into his den and had fantasy sex. He’s one perverted sick MF but one the Soros men love to give money to. Not just papa, but sons, about $110k in a year. But then again, Papa Soros always struck me as another guy who could be an oddfellow in bed. Who’s Your Daddy phrase comes to mind! There was that whole thing with a girlfriend who was promised an apartment……

        2. Spicer’s parody account 😂

          Watching lib heads explode as Trump is about to nix Iran deal.

        3. Im sure I’ve said it here many times, but we know Alex (now Alexander) Soros – he went to Rippowam with my kids and was a nice enough kid, just very lost because he had very little parental interaction. But I guess now that he’s in the money and can wield power with all that money, all if forgiven for not having affection.

        4. i guess he’s making up for lost time:

        5. So he’s all in with the Soros Hate America plan then? Too bad but I guess if someone dangles hundreds of millions in front of you and says take it and follow my path or go out and flip burgers….

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