The Pony Express Would Get Here faster!.

I’m waiting for a delivery and according to UPS, it has made it as far as their regional distribution center in Yorktown. No problem with that, right?

But it the kind of UPS delivery where they hand it off to the postal service and whoa, now it’s not being delivered until MONDAY? It’s in Yorktown for heaven’s sake, less than 15 miles from me. It might take me a half hour to get over to Yorktown but the postal service needs today, tomorrow, and Monday to get it here? How is that even remotely okay?


In other trivial matters on a Friday, we got slammed upside the head with a storm last night and again early this morning. I thought the porch furniture was going to fly off the patio. But it is green today, the lawn was mowed (or is it mown?) yesterday, the first time of the season. Smelled good. The rain helped all the trees start to leaf. The sky is dark again today. I have the air conditioning on in two zones downstairs. Nothing major to report and no news of any merit that we didn’t already chat about yesterday. QAnon’s are indicating that today the IG report will drop, at the end of the day, and be some damage to the Clinton Cabal. Yes please. At least Hillary was dressed to fend off the slings and arrows of her outrageous fortunes when giving the speech about is she is or isn’t a capitalist – is it just me or would you swear she’s got a body cast on under her coat? Seems very planned to cover up something.

Speaking of the Pony Express, I’m just starting to look at the names of the horses running in tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby. Nothing yet that has caught my fancy. Justify is the odds favorite but I think that always dooms a horse to know they are considered the one to win.


Happy Friday one and all.

20 thoughts on “The Pony Express Would Get Here faster!.

    1. The mint julep is about the only drink I DON’T like. Especially if it’s served in the traditional metal cup. And all that mint is hard to sip without getting a whole or muddled piece. Pass. Bourbon. Yes. Mint. No.

  1. What’s a QAnon?

    Was there supposed to be a photo of Hillary to go with your description?

    No mint julep fan either.

    My Friday amusement is watching the Twitter banter between Roseanne and Stormy Daniels. Can’t make this stuff up.

      1. QAnon, to the best of my knowledge, is kinda a conspiracy theory group for the president. They show up in my twitter feed all the time. Do I reeeally know if they are legit? No. But it’s fun to look.

        Oops, yes, there was supposed to be a photo of Hillary – this one:

        I did see some of the Roseanne tweet fight. When Stormy used the word twat to describe Roseanne, I thought it was time to log out of Twitter for the day!

    1. Don’t you just wonder if Stormy declared that $130k as earned income on her 1040.

      1. How abut all the $1.00 bills she gets coming down off the stripper pole? Does she declare that too? She’s a tired old porn star but one that CNN and MSNBC want to champion.

  2. Flameaway at 30-1. If he runs anything like his grandfather (Fusaichi Pegasus) did at Churchill Downs, it could be an interesting race.

    1. I’m slowly looking at each horse and their lineage. Flameaway’s is impressive. I’ll probably print out a list of the horses at some point. I think you can do that from the KD website.

  3. Somehow I’ve ended up being tomorrow’s designated mint julep maker. To prepare I ordered a muddler and a Lewis bag from Amazon so I could practice. I can muddle mint and crush ice almost like a pro now. I’m no fan of mint juleps although I think I make a pretty darn good one.
    Tomorrow is also cinco de mayo for those who’d prefer a classic margarita. Probably a good day to avoid driving….

    1. What time shall we be there? I have an neat wooden muddler that was my parents. I doubt I’ve used it once in thirty years. Had I been smart, I woulda put it up on eBay for $1000 and made a buck or two on the one time a year people need a muddler.

      I don’t like margarita’s either. Now, the drink for the Belmont? Yes please.

  4. Didn’t watch the Derby… discovered that Red Bull sponsors their version of the Soap Box Derby around the world – too much fun:

    1. Where is this???? I want to go next year, and every year. What a riot!! I don’t know what is funnier – the entrants or the hosts wild laughter!

        1. Let’s go in September. No kidding. I’m in. I’m guessing tho, the stateside one has lots more rules and regs and far few obstacles, all of which means it won’t be half the fun. Right?

        2. Seems to me the Red Bull event is a cross between a NASCAR race where ppl go to wait for a crash and the PunkinChunkin where ppl go to see fun and clever entrants, and get wasted.

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