One Hour. 51 Minutes. 33 Seconds.

To do one transaction at the Carmel DMV.

I was number 28 in line. TWENTY EIGHT. Of the four bays, only two were manned and true to DMV form, many people got to the head of the line without the right paperwork or identification. Somewhere when I was half way there, all four bays opened and I thought, miracle, miracle, I’ll be outta here fast. Ha ha ha. Nope. Two took THEIR lunch break.

My paperwork was all in order. I finally got to be the NEXT, handed over what I had, got out my $20 cash for the fee, she scribbled something in red, took all of 15 seconds, then told me to pay in LINE B. WUT??

Lord, Line B was easily a dozen people long, some of the same people with whom I waited in Line A. Made no sense to me. I coulda handed Line A lady my cash and been out, but Line B lady had to enter things in the computer and spit out a receipt. That took at most 30 seconds. All total, my transactions should have been 45 seconds in and out but nooooooo, not DMV bureaucracy. Insane. The men in line were happily distracted because there was a young blonde woman in a skin tight white dress and no VPL. You could see the men trying not to ogle but nonetheless seriously checking her out. It was funny.

Afterwards, my Tesla went into autodrive mode and I ended up at Red Rooster. Mmmmmmmm. I figured I deserved a soft cone after the agony on my feet standing so long in two lines. Yes I did.

The temps hit 89 in Brewster and it seems even warmer beck home. A breeze thankfully.

Time to put feet up a second. Dealing with the Post Office AND the DMV in one day is taxing.

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  1. Was it not a transaction you could do online? Nothing is worse than the DMV but it sounds like you made up for the pain quite nicely.

    1. It should have been. But was it? Noooooo. I should have also been able to mail this in. Could I? Nooooooo.

      1. Mail it in? Nah…DMV Moroon (constructed using the words moron and baboon) Union would never allow it.

  2. Meanwhile, we zipped through the South Carolina DMV to finally become new full-time SC residents. We found a nice cottage in a gated community, not on the beach but an easy stroll or car ride. We bagged the wish to see the ocean for something in a walkable area. We turned in the RV, although part of me wanted to keep it but I didn’t want to be the neighbor whose RV is larger than his house.

    Beautiful beach day today. We’re slowly meeting people and we’re waiting for the kids to visit.

    1. Hey, congratulations! I was hoping no news meant good news. We’re thrilled you’re all settled but the biggest question is, is your wife happy? That’s the key to a happy marriage you know.

  3. The NYDMV allows online reservations to be made in advance. Give it a try.

        1. Thanks. I see that now. Sheesh. But I wouldn’t ever go to the WP or Yonkers office even w/an appointment but good to know. Carmel has always been our default. Usually not crowded and pretty nice employees. I just picked the wrong time to go. Lunch time.

    1. Thanks but that’s a bit too far. Carmel works because it’s near Home Depot and Red Rooster!! Can’t ask for a better combo deal than that!!

    1. Didn’t see any of that when inside & I’ve been there more than once!!! Display must be old or maybe was up for an anniversary?

      Ha. I don’t have a Tesla. It was the only way I could blame my car of the crime of getting it to the Red Rooster w/o me steering it. Was a long way to go for a bad joke I guess!

      1. i think you deserved Red Rooster. i had Tesla on my mind ‘cuz every time i drive past their HQ, there’s a ton of them all buzzing around.

        1. My indigestion factor doesn’t think I deserved Red Rooster. Truth be told I MAY have had more than a soft cone. I plead the fifth.

          Tesla is a beautiful car. I can see the attraction. If I were younger I’d own one and park it next my Chevy Suburban!

    1. Yes. To me it’s an acquired taste because the first one I saw was behind me and it had sort of a “duck face” look – there’s no ‘grille’, like the S, and the air scoop is way down at the bottom. Since then I’ve seen more out and about and they generally look like a small S – if you notice them at all. Still better looking than the bloated X.

  4. I’m still keeping my eye out for one here in CT. Not seen one on the road yet. We have Lots of S & X in town more than ever. I’ve gotten driven for a couple of 2 hour road trips in a friends red S and I really liked it. It’s a very, very nice ride!

    1. I think Toyota’s foray into hydrogen fuel is the future (Musk and Toyota are famously at odds on this), but, the first example from Toyota, the Mirai is simply butt-ugly.

      1. Musk in the news this morning after calling investors phone call questions bonehead etc. I don’t think the man has much patience for naysayers.

        1. I saw that on Maria Bartiromo!!! Funny. Agree, but many genius inventors like Musk have little patience for people who don’t appreciate that genius.

        2. I believe the Enron CEO lost it on a conference call when tough questions were asked.not long after that house of cards fell,maybe tesla is next.

        3. Every day the media says Tesla is falling off a cliff. I have no idea who to believe. Musk is particularly feisty and digs in his heels at people who question his business model. Only time will tell.

      1. Thanks Austin, loved that “daddy it has the same coffee cup as you….” Kids are so smart. I like the looks of it.

        EOS: Surprised you are seeing less Tesla’s in your ‘hood. Def. more in our area.

        1. Last time I was at the Greenwich Splash, I think I was the ONLY non-Tesla. Here, I see far more Suburbans, Lexus, a ton of Audi Qs. The Teslas I do see tend to be on the weekend, tooling around etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most people who have Teslas have them as a second or third car?

    1. This is my brain on the media overload today. Stormy. Wiretaps. Rudy. Michelle. Rinse and repeat. OMG, I can’t take it.×1200/8978755d-728e-4f2d-b53d-c077b178addc–genius_fried-eggs-vinegar_food52_mark_weinberg_13-12-10_1288.jpg

      I don’t have a Suburban anymore but did when the kids were growing up. Hockey bags. Lacrosse sticks. Ski trips. Girl Scout leader. All around great mom!

        1. At least it’s not All My Children!! My internet is barely working today and won’t load much of anything, especially a YT video, but if you pinky swear not to judge, I’ll tell you all about an episode of The Nanny I saw today where Fran and Maxwell are in Aspen to meet The Clinton’s. Maxwell gives Fran a list of things NOT to talk about – Whitewater, Paula Jones payoff, then he goes into a long long list of women’s names. It’s pretty funny considering today’s Stormy weather climate. How quickly we forget.

          It’s 1000 degrees in the shade today & I’m doing all I can to hold off turning the AC on. LSS, I’m cranky as hell.

        2. As long as we are pinky swearing not to judge, I turned on my air conditioning today.

        3. Jane, you’ve entered The No Judge Zone, unless of course, you voted for Hillary! 🙂

          PS: I just turned in AC here too. Was too damn hot and there’s a huge line of thunderstorms on its way.

        4. I have $100 riding on the marriage not lasting 5 years. This couple is a bit like Fergie and the other spare heir, Andrew. It’s got to sting that your entire life is to hang around waiting for 7 people to die to get to sit in the throne. Harry strikes me as a nice guy but looking to marry the bad girl.

          OT: Nice Fake News NBC put out today about the wiretapping and even smoother move offering an “Editors Note” to walk it back.

        5. Joy said the other day she never meant to disparage Trump voters. Oh man, that took a while to register. All she does is disparage Trump voters.

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