Spam, A Lot


I’m still getting some nasty comments that require vigilance to block and toss. WordPress makes it painless to block specific IP addresses and block certain words and or phrases and in general, WP is excellent at detecting spam to begin with but the commenter(s) are particularly angry, not your regular I Hate Trump comments. So, until I can get a better handle on who they are and stop them, I may have to set the blog to No Comments Allowed for the near term. Not today though because today is the first perfectly gorgeous sunny day in a long time so I am outside, basking.

17 thoughts on “Spam, A Lot

  1. Don’t you wonder why liberals are such angry people? They truly hate conservatives. I saw one of the comments before you tossed them – pretty vile stuff. Racist too.

  2. Sometimes, it’s just that much fun to trigger them:
    [video src="" /]
    To play, cut and paste from https to 4 only

    1. I can’t make the link play. How did you?

      [Ed. note: see my annotated comment from Holden on what to cut and paste to play]

    1. No, not really, but any time someone comes out of the woods with vile comments, it’s good to cover one’s bases. WP excels in helping the blogger stay protected from bad actors.

  3. As you know, I’m prone to getting spooked by online weirdos. My son has an Instagram account that we basically chronicle his school activities, in case any authority ever asks, I have some proof that we are not total slackers. He gets a few other homeschoolers following him, and it’s all fun. But the other day someone with a private account, with a mans name and a picture of a middle aged man, followed him and messaged him “how are you doing today?” It was a little weird, so I waited, in case it was a kid. The next day I messaged him from my account, asking him why he is contacting my son. He asked who my son was, I told him the name and he then asked the same “how are you doing today?” To me. It seemed so odd, like it could have been a little kid, so I asked how old he was, and told him my mother bear was coming out. And he asked if I was married! Bam! Total block, but now I’m spooked as well.

    1. Totally understand how scary it is to be out there online. Doubly so with kids. I know my sisters teen grandchildren have Instagram accounts and the rule was they’d be monitored by their mom and no posting photos of friends.

      Creeps come out of nowhere. Most of my friends with Instagram accounts keep them private but even that doesn’t prevent someone who wants in.

  4. As a liberal, sorry you’re being spammed! I just don’t comment on political posts. It’s not productive. Not all of us are angry, hateful, or vile!

    1. Good point and I know that. I actually DO have a few liberal friends, although my one-time favorite sparring partner, she a devoted liberal, feminist, and atheist, died suddenly. We had nothing in common but everything in common. We were such good friends and talked for hours and never once did either of us raise a voice. I miss her terribly.

  5. This might be a good time to tee up the discussion of classic liberal (now an anachronism; being open minded and receptive to argument and I would include myself in this camp) versus progressives who think they are liberals but their mindset is that they are superior beings and know better than I do what I should do and how they should spend my money for the greater good.

    BTW, had an interesting discussion with spouse, daughter, and her friend at dinner in Nashville the other night when I observed someone’s pistol and holster fall out of his waistband onto the floor of the restaurant. His expression and obvious anxiety over this loud thud is what caught my attention. They assumed as did I at first that he dropped his phone. Fortunately the gun did not discharge. Sadly, the ease of concealed carry is a drawback of the red states.

    1. Classic liberals were Joe Leiberman and to some extent Biden, before Joe became joined at the hip with Obama. Those Democrats saw the importance of a healthy debate and moved across the aisle when the bill merited. I agree, that kind of Dem is hard to find today. Not many Rs willing to move across the aisle today either.

      Fast forward to Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters. Today Maxine told Kanye he was speaking out of turn (translation – he better get back to the plantation). The D party is going farther and farther left, leaving middle of the road liberals no place to feel connected and I think that’s why many of them voted for Trump – not so much that they felt aligned to him per se, but they felt Hillary didn’t share their values or understand who they were.

      Depending on who you listen to, the Ds are either going to crush the midterms and impeach Trump or the Rs will get out the vote and stay the majority. I do think, if Kanye and Candace Owens team up to speak to black voters, walk them off the plantation, the Rs have a much better chance. Who knows though what Kanye will do and how involved he will become. He’s no conservative but he does seem to get that freedom to choose a party is a good thing and black should NOT be beholden to being a Dem.

      Funny story about the gun. I saw that happen in Texas and no one thought a thing. He reached down and picked up the gun and put it back it the holster. Holsters are so person and activity specific and sitting dining is a hard position to hold the holster in place. Especially if bellying up to a big plate if ribs. I think conceal carry people feel relieved red states allow for easier permitting. Someone I follow on Twitter said it took him three years to get an application in DC for a CC.

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