It’s Moan-day. Update.

It’s friggin’ cold outside. It’s now begun to rain. Mr. EOS has something in his eyelid that is causing him a ton of pain and the Kohler generator self-test didn’t test. Looking in at the auto transfer box, there’s a red blinking light. Not ever a good sign.

I’ve had to make a ton of phone calls this morning and speaking unscientifically, Monday is a bad day to need help or to get an answer. Everyone so far has been grumpy and or saying Joe isn’t in today.

OTHERWISE, it’s a great day. 🤷🏻‍♀️

UPDATE: I saw a slew of hateful comments from someone who I’ve just put in IP hell. But I want to make sure he/she is away for good before posting more.

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  1. It’s the weather that has me the most irritated. It’s more than a little bit cold. It’s like winter but I’ve heard that by mid week it’s supposed to be close to 90?

  2. The price of a whole-house generator pales next to the cost of maintaining and repairing it over the years. But being warm and cozy in the face of a week-long power outage with all of the electric and electronic goodies working as usual makes it worth it.

    1. True. I have a service contract with a local company – they come twice a year to make sure all is running well. This is a new wrinkle associated with me noticing that the programming of its weekly self test only runs for two weeks then stops. The red blinking light seems to be related to the same problem.

  3. Yep, cold and miserable here too. We have been dealing with a slew of house issues. It started with a clogged toilet in the basement. One of the boys friends stuffed a ton of paper towel and wet wipes down there and left it clogged. Then one of mine 🤯 added a #2. Massive gagging fits and rolling laughter and we cannot get it unclogged. We determine the ejector pump has a bad switch. Call someone. $1200 later, it’s fixed. As those guys are driving away, I notice the house has no water and scram out the window for them to come back. They didn’t do anything with the water, but investigate to find that a) well #1 has a huge crack and is leaking profusely. They shut it down and find b) well #2 pump is caput. They run a hose from well #1so we have water and order pump…dug massive hole in front yard. Well #2 is fully functional and well #1 is nearly repaired. Ca-Ching 🤑 Add to that some undiagnosed hot water issue, a slow drain in my bathroom sink (which, 👼🏼We managed to fix as a family) and the generator seems to need a new radiator. 🤑🤑


        1. I know. At least no one is sick and it’s just money (1st world problems), but it is a strain to find people that you can at least feel like you trust them. Everything here feels like I’m getting taken advantage of, so I’m struggling to “see” the value of this classroom. In asking for guidance I am hearing “let go” hmmm. I definitely have some trust issues.

        2. I hear you about feeling taken advantage of in high end zip codes. It happens all the time. The problem I have is when someone retires, like a good plumber or electrician, finding a new one is next to impossible. Many don’t call back or even want new customers. Then there’s that whole trust thing – knowing if they are any good or now. lumbers are the hardest to find.

          What can I say, I like Disney, in small doses.

      1. A chemical scrub/sweep? My chimney has had some heavy use over the years, and I’ve never heard any of my sweeps even mention that term. I’d get a second opinion.

        1. Ditto. I use chimneys all the time and have them cleaned regularly. Never h are that term either.

          Miranda, I’m going to email you our chimney guys. They are excellent. I presume they’ll cross the border into CT but not positive.

        2. Thanks, eos. Those are the guys we use. Long story, but we have lots of issues with smoking up the house. Our fireplace is huge and the chimney is good, but perhaps a slightly undersized something or other. Recently they offered to install a large vent fan up in the chimney, but it seemed like a mess, lots of money we will never see again, Yadda yadda yadda. They said our chimney looked great, gave it a $99 sweep and all was good. We trust them and now they say we have a creasote build up after one season of fires. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      2. I would be very suspicious of that. It is only in recent years that the somewhat okay practice of regular chimney sweeping became vogue. If all you have are wood fires and don’t stupidity burn cardboard in the fireplace which burns at a higher temperatures and could start a chimney fire you should be fine. And if worried about germs, get a dog if you don’t have one and make sure it licks your kids faces to build their allergy antibodies.

        I’m in Nashville which is an interesting place. Flying back today to Florida heat.

        1. When I lived on the Vineyard, it was mandatory to have chimneys checked by fire department annually, mostly because last ta of idiots burned pine and pine does cause creosote buildup.

          We only use hardwood but I do use fatwood if I don’t have real kindling. Fatwood has a chemical component to it and I do worry overusing it causes some buildup.

          Nashville!!!! Have fun. And eat some BBQ!

        2. Hmmm, we do use some fat wood, but only about 5 pounds per year. Can’t be that much to cause build up, could it? No cardboard, very little paper. All hardwood, but ‘cured’ in our back yard. Some is kind of funky, but the chimney sweep said it was ok.

  4. Ok, I looked back at the chimney quotes. Here is the first one that we vetoed:
    Level 2 camera inspection of Flue. Pictures and Report Provided. Inspection Completed by Certified Tech.
    Possible work
    Resurface 35 Ft 13×13 Flue with ASTM approved Heatshield High Temp Flue Sealant. Custom sponge application.
    *20 Year Guarantee.
    Possible work
    Resurface Smoke Chamber with ASTM approved CeCure High Temp Smoke Chamber Sealant. Custom sprayer application.
    *20 Year Guarantee
    And here is what my husband is agreeing to:

    First Floor Living Room Masonry wood burning fireplace with gas log ignitor and screen doors. Approximately 35 Ft / 13×13 Flue. Exterior tough acess stone chimney with stone cap. Steep wood roof.
    Mechanically strip 35 Ft tall 13×13 Flue with custom rods and various head attachments powered by heavy corded drill. Base damper doo removed for access and reinstalled. All debris removed from site. Base high powered vacuum. Peak mounted temp Enervex Fan to control dust.
    Access with 60 Ft Ladder. $1,450

    1. What gets me most is the bad advice we receive. Oh, your chimney is great, every 5years is fine to sweep it. Sweep it every two years instead (we had a chimney fire in my childhood house) to be safe. And suddenly creosote build up.

      Well maintance. Nothing to do, just check that it’s running.

      Hot water heater. Looks good. Nothing to do here.

      And the times we do the maintenance, something usually breaks, requiring costly repairs.

      Sorry for the drudgery

  5. Oh my! Lots of trials and tribulations today. I have some too but trying to stay the course with Philippians: BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING.
    Hope this helps…a little❤️

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