I Won The Lottery!!!

Well, not exactly, but I did get $1.00 free just by opening an envelope I was about to shred instead.

This is the second $1.00 I’ve gotten from Nielsen and I have to imagine many innocent $1.00 bills are being killed when most people don’t bother to open the junk mail.

Would I respond? No way. The questions seem far more related to who I am than what I watch. Like these:

I thought it was funny Nielsen had to write a descriptor of White!!!

As far as I can see, if I fill out the questionnaire to get my $5.00, I’d be forever on someone’s list, even though they say they don’t sell your name BUT do admit to selling your phone number. Yeh, that’s what I want, a ton more telemarketers calling me. Great idea! Not.

I’m keeping the $1.00 and shredding the rest. That’s a win win for me. Right?

Speaking of winning, the President was smart to skip the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. I didn’t watch but this mornings Twitter EXPLODED with people for and against the “comedian” Michelle Wolf who trashed Sarah Sanders.

In the Pro Roast corner were the people who say Sarah spends every press conference disparaging reporters so why shouldn’t she get a dose of her own medicine? Others in the Pro Roast camp say Sarah’s boss tramples on people’s looks all the time so taking down Sanders is fair play.

Those in the This Was Vile camp felt Sarah’s job might be fair game for roasting but not her looks. Some journalists walked out. Most stayed.

Long gone are the days of a civilized and funny roast but I gotta say Trump pretty much started it all during the primary by ripping everyone to shreds. The liberals and the journalists who feel aggrieved say they are just doing what Trump does best and Trumpkins who are complaining are just snowflakes. I kinda agree. Can’t have it both ways. Right?

Rained heavily overnight and it’s very dark and dreary today. One of the kids is moving into a bigger place so Mom’s Used Furniture Emporium is open today for extra beds and things that are in the attic going unused.

Happy Sunday.

9 thoughts on “I Won The Lottery!!!

    1. Le’s play this game: had Hillary won the election and had one of her gal pals as Press Secretary, would any comedian, male or female, dared to say such things? No. End of the story. It’s all hatred of Trump that fuels. Kathy Griffin was quoted as saying it gave her enormous pleasure to see Sanders squirm.

        1. EOS, this isn’t towards you. We finally agree on something! Jane… this is directed to you! If….. try and stick with the facts, just try!

  1. I think this Netflix reporter is in the Pro Roast corner.

    Mika of Joe and Mika came out this morning in defense of Sarah, kinda but not rally. Mika said it was not fair to make fun of Sarah’s looks but it was fine to trash her for her job of lying to the press every day.

    I don’t know why there is a comedy factor at the dinner to begin with. It’s ludicrous enough that the journalists who were given awards are all Trump haters.

    1. Who the hell is Maria Kabas or whatever her sorry ass name is? This goes to what Jane said – the post-roast comments are not aimed at Sarah really – they are all aimed at their hated of Trump and their perceived, real or otherwise, feeling that he Trump is a womanizer. Mika’s support was faux, giving and taking at the same time.

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