I Can’t Be Perfect Every Day!

Check, good. Perfect.

Check, good. Perfect again.

But oops, Perfect No More.

Guess who found these at Stop ‘n Shop?? Damn, these new Desserts in a Mug are the Devil Incarnate. My supermarket has so many flavors I saw one woman throw five boxes in her cart. There’s cinnamon coffee cake. Blueberry muffin. Brownie. I saw a S’mores cake. Sprinkles cake. For no particular reason, I chose Brownie.

In case you haven’t bought these It’s Just One Mug So How Bad Can It Be desserts, it’s painfully simple yet good and I can’t believe it took so long for Duncan Hines to invent it. Open pouch. Pour into mug. Add 2T milk or water. Nuke for about a minute. EZ!!

The Brownie one I bought is really yummy. Not like you made brownies from scratch yummy but good enough for the I Want Something Sweet But Don’t Want to Bake A Whole Batch of Brownies yummy.

I granted myself permission to try one today, considering I worked outside all day today AND (almost) finished the weekend WSJ crossword (except for the top right hand corner 14A, 21A, 25A, 33A and 39A. To my credit, I got the gist of the puzzle so the missing clues should be easy, but stump me for some reason. I’ll work on it after dinner.
UPDATE: Two minutes after clicking publish, I got 14A and it opened all the doors to finish the puzzle. Perfect me!!!

Gorgeous day after a near white-out fog this morning and coolish on my walk this morning. Hope you had a good day too.

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Perfect Every Day!

  1. We finally have a good enough day to open windows, spring clean, plant plants and switch storm door to screen door. Spring is very late this year.

    1. We did the same today. All the windows wide open. Heaven. Air out the joint!!! My windows are filthy but when I called my window washer, he said he’s so book now because everyone waited until today to call him. I believe it.

    1. I love my whisky and rye but I never developed the ability to drink it on the rocks. I’m a “with ginger ale” kind of gal. More power to you for being a big boy to handle the straight stuff.

  2. Today was the first day of spring in my mind. We were out all day and tonight I’m invited to the first cookout of the season but I see we are about to get hit with a line of storms. Outdoor BBQ maybe be indoors.

    1. We’re in that line of storms too. The sky got very dark in the last 15 minutes. My phone even binged with a weather alert. Thunder and heavy rains. I believe your BBQ will be indoors.

  3. Heard about Siggi’s yogurt from your blog and tried it. Yummy! Was eating Chobani yogurt, but Siggi’s was waaaaaaay better. However, I think I found the next best thing – “Oui” yogurt. Their key lime was outstanding. Absolutely decadent.

        1. Very interesting article. Thanks

          I can remember a day when NO ONE ate yogurt except the Swiss and the French. Swedes and Norwegians too maybe. But no one here. I sure as hell didn’t grow up eating yogurt.
          Then one day, whoosh, the entire dairy department at the grocery store – yogurts. Whipped. Greek. Light. Whole. Organic. With fruit. Without fruit. I can’t keep up. When I went to grab the Siggi’s, a woman behind me was telling the woman next to me NOT to buy one brand because it had too much sugar. I think consumers haven’t a clue about what’s in yogurt – calories and sugars. Mr. EOS is the only smart one among us – he won’t touch the stuff with a ten foot pole!

  4. Interesting article listing the pros and cons of oui yogurt! Thanks EOS! I’ll have to stick with plain and add fresh fruit.

    1. Sounds good to me. That’s what I usually do. Banana and/or blueberries, but winter blueberries from South America weren’t very good this year. Summer ones aren’t out yet.

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