The Media is Up In Arms….

….claiming Beyoncé wore it better. I report. You decide.

Of course, reporters hate all things Melania and Donald, so they’ve all voted that Melania STOLE the hat look from Beyoncé. That’s how deranged reporters are.

But these three, Larry Moe and Curly, take the cake in being brave.

Acosta told Variety magazine that Trump voters “don’t have all of their faculties in some cases” and get this, he added for bonus points, that — “their elevator might not hit all floors.”

No words for how much I detest Acosta. He’s an arrogant jerk, and that’s me being kind.

But back to the hat, I thought Melania wore it beautifully and gracefully. I can’t even imagine trying to carry off a look like that. But she hit every note in my humble opinion.

We had rigatoni last night. I think those at the State Dinner for Macron last night did not have rigatoni. Looked like a fun party. My invitation was lost in the mail, along with the missing response to my request for mom to meet Trump. C’est là vie.

11 thoughts on “The Media is Up In Arms….

  1. Acosta has a Comey Complex – he thinks he’s god’s gift to the world, shouting absurd questions. April Ryan equally obnoxious. I don’t know the woman in the middle.

    1. That isn’t a real photo, is it? The Feminazi’s would be calling her all kinds of names if this is a real photo.

    1. FUNNY! That photo at the funeral went viral so fast because the left couldn’t wait to say it was the first time Melania smiled in 15 months. The hate they have for her is deep.

        1. I’m not quite ready for achieving Guinness level LEGO building but I AM chomping at the bit for another LEGO project. Been sleuthing online.

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