I Shoulda Know’d Better

Healthy soups taste like shoe leather. Bad.

I threw one soup away yesterday after heating it stunk the house up the house so bad everyone complained! I took one sip and declared it inedible.

So today, I figured what could go wrong with Carrot Ginger soup?? I love the combination. Soup seemed a good idea for lunch today but try as I might try enjoy it, it was flavorless.

I added some salt. That didn’t help. I added some pepper. Nope. It was blah.

I bought the soups at a highly regarded Mount Kisco mom and pop establishment where tons of healthy looking people shop so I assumed their soups would be divine. It was my first time in the store. The ingredient on the soups look normal and edible but so far, two out four have found their way to the trash bin.

I’m guessing none of the soups was prepared with any seasoning to give them depth of flavor. When I make soups I start by making a base of mirepoix and season each layer as I add ingredients. These soups weren’t as bad as dishwater but not much better. Bummer.

Gorgeous day finally although still a little brisk.

Five minutes into doing the Weekend WSJ crossword puzzle and already I’m in trouble with what I’m sure is an error at 39A. I know 6A is Tsar but it could be Czar and I can’t get 6D or 7D yet. Haven’t gotten any long one to understand the theme but by days end, I should have this done. I’m pretty good at crosswords.

2:40pm. Finished. 39A was wrong. So was my 107D. Otherwise, A+.

18 thoughts on “I Shoulda Know’d Better

  1. Agree that soup requires depth of flavor to make them palatable. I would have thought the ginger carrot soup would at least be good, but the others in the photo wouldn’t appeal to me.

  2. Lazy Sunday afternoon. I had just thrown out most of a quart of lobster bisque which I found quite tasteless when I read your blog. The color was about the only thing resembling bisque. With the ridiculous increase in lobster prices perhaps they skipped an ingredient. Sure tasted that way.
    I’ll take a look at your WSJ crossword but won’t share any answers unless asked. Helps to know a little about the national pastime- and I know very little.

  3. That lentil soup looks like what gurgles up from the drain when our kitchen sink gets clogged.

  4. Soup is either out of the can or homemade by my wife. Canned soup has too much salt but I do like soups that are well flavored.

    In South Carolina this week visiting friends in Charleston.

  5. Methinks the “vegan” word was a dead giveaway that they were indeed selling eaux usées.
    If you are going to make a sandwich to go with that soup: two ingredients that may be good separately, but, questionable when combined:

    1. “eaux usées”. I’m dying dying dying laughing.

      Now, as for PB & Mayo, pass. I’m just getting used to being told I should use mayo to cook grilled cheese. Asking for a friend, if one were to make this concoction, would it be equal parts PB & mayo or is the mayo meant only to whet your whistle to get the PB unstuck from the roof of the mouth?

        1. Wellllllll, Dukes Mayonnaise is the king of mayonnaise’s and WOULD go with PB. Dukes aficionados swear by it. Hard to find up north.
          Me? Glad you asked. I’m a baloney on white with Miracle Whip kind of gal.

        2. Did someone say sandwich? My favorite thing to eat. Go to is ham and swiss on rye with mayo and mustard but I’ll take roast beef on white with cole slaw.

        3. Agree that nothing can be more satisfying than a good sandwich for lunch. I like the ones where I can put potato chips inside, like egg salad or tuna fish. I like cole slaw too, on ham sandwiches, as well as roast beef. Cole slaw on hot dogs is the best.

        4. I meant to ask, glad you read my mind.
          Me? PB&J all day long – on feather soft white (might need to see if the mayo adds a new dimension).

        5. Okay, are you picky about the brand of PB and by J do you mean jelly or preserves or jam? Crunchy or smooth?
          Sunbeam White?

          Me: Skippy Smooth. Strawberry preserves. Pepperidge Farm sandwich white. Also love a PB& J on a toasted English Muffin but there I might use banana slices rather than jam.

        6. Well, for peanut butter, my local store produces their own (only can get smooth, not crunchy) and the preserves are Bonne Maman, maybe not top drawer, but suits me. The store only has one brand of white sandwich bread (some local product) that I have to give just the lightest squeeze to ascertain suitability. Not a bad idea doing the English muffin thing, but I find a longer preparation time just raises expectations…

        7. I use Bonne Maman but I’m equally happy with Smuckers preserves. I don’t like natural peanut butter or almond butter. Skippy for me.

          Sandwich of choice = BLT. But once in a blue moon, a Reuben makes my day.

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