Ta Da!!!!!

Three pieces were miscolored so when we needed three light gray bricks and didn’t have them, I had to steal from the grandkids sets, two dark gray and one red. The red brightens up the place, give it a certain Republicanism. Now all I need is a Trump Person topper and I think they now make one.

It was FAR FAR easier to put together than I expected. The biggest help was ripping apart the directions book. It was way too big and bulky so we took a pair of scissors to the spine…. voilà, easy single pages to hold and turn.

In other non-related but very important news update, Minnie the Mooch is still in town, used up her free weekend with the young family with two small children and now IN FULL TIME RESIDENCE NEXT DOOR!!!!

Yes, Princess Kombucha never went back to California. I knew it. I just knew it. The ailing daughter E is barely alive. I’m sick to my stomach knowing this selfish girl is still hanging around. But I did what I could. The family has decided, for whatever reason, not to boot her out. What makes me the most sad is when E does die, the family won’t have the one moment of alone togetherness they deserve to say goodbye. I want to go pick her up by the scruff of her neck and shake her until she collapses.

Gorgeous day outside. I missed Barbara Bush’s funeral service, finishing the LEGOs instead. I hear it was quite well done, not overdone. And The Donald stayed home. I’m glad he didn’t choose to attend, given the Bush family animosity toward Trump.

That’s all from here.

11 thoughts on “Ta Da!!!!!

  1. I knew The Mooch would still be in town too. I got that sense when she dug in her heels with you. I can’t understand why the family hasn’t tossed her out.

    Great job on the LEGOs. Someone else asked earlier – will you display it or take it apart?

    1. I have to assume the family finds it less taxing to stress over the Mooch than deal with the agony of losing a child. They must have made the decision to let it go. I get that. But what I will never get is how this flower child finds what she’s doing is right. She flat out lied to me when she said she could NOT stay longer than Tuesday because she had to get back for “work”. I don’t believe she does work.

      I may display this LEGO, but not sure. It’s too soon to take it apart,

  2. You completed the LEGO project way ahead of time. Impressive!
    As for the Mooch, her behavior continues to astound me. Don’t let her parade herself as mourner in chief when the time comes although I have no idea how you or anyone could prevent it.

  3. The family minister, assuming there is one, would most likely be willing the tell her to get her stoopid, crazy ass out of Beford & back where it belongs.

    1. The minister is a huge boon to the family as their faith is deep. I doubt tho he’d be willing to stir up the bees nest that is the Mooch.

  4. I’m afraid she has the family worried of what she might do if asked to leave. I’d be worried myself. But, they’ve opened their door to her and it’s not your problem unless they ask for your help. She certainly has ‘issues’ although I’d call her just plain nuts.
    Hey, how about those Red Sox?

    1. Congratulations! Fill out and frame your new certificate!

      Mooches will mooch. Just resist it when she knocks on the door for a second round.

      1. I may just print and fill out that LEGO certificate and frame it! Thanks.

        Oh, I can ASSURE you Mooch will NOT come knocking at my door. She hated that I told her to go home.

    2. [This goes to you Swanton, but went in the wrong place] Yes, my kids have told me to Let it Go. The family has decided to let her stay. I’m still fuming tho.

      Nine in a row for those Red Socks. Way to go.

  5. Take two steps back….this untimely death has likely everyone going nuts…so sad….
    Life will become much more beautiful thanks to “e”

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