Slowly slowly……

Got all the pieces in zip baggies. Got a sense of what the project would entail and began working on the base. I’m just at the point of building UP.

Now on page 41 of directions, not even a quarter way through. This stage took a little more than an hour to complete but truth be told, I had an assistant. One of the kids is here tonight, going out to dinner with some friends from growing up. Two pair of eyes and hands helped a lot.

I figure I could be done by Sunday. The hard part was putting the base together!!!! 😬😂

We watched the last College Jeopardy tonight. Three amazing kids. All so well rounded. Great sense of humor too. Loved each one do I didn’t have a favorite. I won’t spill the beans in case you haven’t watched.

Hectic but busy and fun day. Could be early to bed. Yawn.