The owner must be a chiropractor

Check out the location of the television!!!!!!!!!!!!
373 Taconic Rd 2017 40 - PRINT.jpg

8 thoughts on “The owner must be a chiropractor

  1. The TV must drop down with a remote control. I think that position is when it’s not in use. You couldn’t see the TV if you were sitting on the sofa without doing some gymnastics move. Too far away for my old eyes.

  2. I think it’s for the bed only. The furniture grouping was arranged by the stagers (no floor covering is a giveaway).

    Wouldn’t this be more civilized?

    1. Even if it’s only for the bed, it’s MILES away and up.
      I’ve always wanted a TV that rises from a piece of furniture at the foot of the bed but our MBR is way too small for that to work AND have two small reading chairs there too.
      I’d take the gent in the tux!

        1. Leave the easel. I’ll take the tv! Every time the breakfast room Samsung refuses to turn on, I have a new one at the ready to buy but then the Samsung comes to life. It’s so oddly temperamental it’s hard to figure out the problem. It’s almost as if the TV says to me “not more HGTV”!

        2. My wife gave up on HGTV. The same old same old got boring and the new was so bad she couldn’t watch.

        3. I wholeheartedly concur with your wife’s assessment of HGTV. The new stuff stinks (Flip or Flop and their copies are unwatchable). Fixer Upper, as much as I adore the Gaines, got to be predictable. Same with the Property Brothers. They are great guys and more power to them to become so successful, but every home has the same “open concept, gray cabinets, white quartz” design. House Hunters amuses me. I tend to watch DIY Network more than HGTV as their programming has actual building shows.

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