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We plunked down some change yesterday for our next Cunard voyage – a sweet journey from Singapore to Dubai. Fourteen nights and some destinations on my bucket list.

Cunard often has sales so we took them up on the offer for free gratuities and free alcoholic drinks (although there are limitations to the free drinks, of course). And with this our third voyage, I think we get some free wi-fi too, such that it is, awful.

The other aspect of this voyage that we want to cross off our bucket list is to fly Business Class on either Singapore Air or Emirates. Or both. That is until we saw what the Business class fare was from NY to Singapore and Dubai back to NY. Holy cow, how to people fly Business all the time? The one way fare is MORE than the per person rate for the entire fourteen day cruise. AMEX points may come in handy but then we got the brilliant idea, hey, maybe we stay aboard the Queen Mary 2 for the next leg, Dubai to Southampton, that goes through the Suez Canal! (another bucket list). The website says that leg is sold out but we have a fabulous travel agent (yes, travel agents still exist and for big trips like this, we like that the legwork is done for us) so we are hoping she can get us on the second leg. That means being gone 34 days altogether and that’s a LOT, a whole LOT, but, then again, why not?

UPDATE: Our agent found us a cabin, so we said Yes to The Dress for all 34 days!!! We chatted about what side of the ship to be on and we were reminded of a legend when sailing the India route based on the meaning of the word POSH – Port Out, Starboard Home. Starboard we picked. Done deal. Yay us!

Rainy rainy rainy rainy miserable rainy rainy day. Otherwise, Happy Thursday!


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  1. My career took me to many places in the Middle East, Singapore often and it’s a remarkable city but be careful not to cross the street the wrong way. They don’t take to law breakers.

    The voyage sounds perfect to me. Hope you can stay on board. I’ve only been through the Panama Canal, not the Suez.

    My company paid for my airfare, thankfully, otherwise I am sure I would have been back with the cattle.

    1. Peter, we have been there done that with a cattle in a flight back from Bangkok. Never Again. It was hell on earth. We are fine traveling economy regionally or even across the USA, but a flight of such length, to Singapore, Business for sure. I could never dream of affording First Class and even Business is a stretch, but hey, as my dad always said “it’s only money”.

    1. Yes they do. There is Cunard Air and our travel agent says their flight prices are competitive. We’ve never availed ourselves of their fares. Our trip isn’t for a long time yet so Cunard hasn’t posted any fares yet.

    1. We have to fly at least one way, or swim. The Singapore Air flights leave from Newark and seem to go either via London or the other way, through SFO and Hong Kong.

      1. Sounds like a great trip. Singapore Airlines is planning to restart non-stop flights from NYC in 2018, so possibly your timing will luck out.

        1. I saw a post about Singapore Air’s flights and airplanes on a travel blog I read. People chatting mostly about the airbus the 380 versus the 350. I’d rather go non-stop. It’s tough to stop on such a long route. Although we stopped in SFO on the way to Sydney. That wasn’t so bad and we stopped in LAX on way to New Zealand. Plenty of time to cross that bridge.

    1. Yes. It’s perfect for us. A big private balcony. A private dining room for Princess Grill passengers. Nothing overdone. We’ve had one opportunity to upgrade to the Queens Grill suites but opted out. I don’t need (or want) a butler.

  2. I just checked back and saw the extension to Southampton came through. That’s great news. Says a lot for having a very good travel agent. I’ll be interested in the flight arrangements you eventually book.

  3. Sounds like a great trip!

    We just bought our summer plane tickets to the UK, Copenhagen (Sweden) and back. For the first time, we are sitting in the mid front, and leaving the boys in the back! Now I’m on to the car rental in the 🇬🇧, lodging and flight to Copenhagen. Had to use a travel agent for the trans atlantic legs!

    1. Sounds perfect. Your plans are almost all in order. Do the boys get a summer vacation in the traditional sense of being in school or do you continue with homeschooling projects throughout the year?

      Travel agents used to be at the top of the heap job-wise until the internet. We used to use a guy right in town here whose office was a hole in the wall filled with daisy wheel printers, lots of telephones, and a new fangled FAX machine. He folded a couple of years after people found out they could book their own flights. The agency we use is a big one with lots of offices. They are affiliated with a line of travel perks too and that always helps.

      1. They get a break. They’re heading to sleep-away camp again, but not at the same time this year. So I’ll get some good one-on-one with each, and be a little more hands on with the eldest. He’s had a good and bad 7th grade year. Good: he has actually accomplished a lot. Bad: I let him drift a little too much, so we feel behind. Also hormones (his and mine) have been raging, causing resistance and head butting.

        1. One-on-one time is about the best time ever until they reach that age when it’s the last thing they want. Thankfully it’s a short period of time. I remember all too well the #Resistance years!

  4. Singapore Air was a great experience. Flew to Singapore in a 747 where the upper deck was business class. Like you were in your own little world. Flew east which was a mistake. Double red eye. Left JFK at midnight to stop in Amsterdam. Then Amsterdam to Singapore arriving 4am the following day. Absolutely shattered when we landed. Was my worst flight until we did JFK-Johannesburg-Cape Town. Singapore felt very fake to me. Incredibly clean- you could eat off the subway floor- but you knew that somewhere there was a seedy underbelly. Don’t miss the botanical garden. My wife was in heaven with all the orchids.

    1. Aah, the 747. What a great plane. People were queued up for months trying to fly the last 747 flight, forgotten which airline. They were the king of the air.
      Are you saying flying west to Singapore is a better option? That’s good to know. We’re going three full days ahead of the day the ship leaves to catch up in time zones and see the city. Singapore to me is a lot like Switzerland. Looks pretty but do one thing wrong, bam. We got a list today of places to eat in Singapore so we have lots to contemplate and lots to absorb. I’m sure it’s fake, like Dubai too. I really didn’t have much interest in seeing Dubai as a single go-to destination but as part of this voyage, I’m happy to take all the glitz and glam in.

      1. If you’ve got the time, I would fly west and spend a day in SF and a day in Hong Kong to break up the trip. Could do the same with London but London to Singapore is a long haul.

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