Can’t Decide Which One to Build First! 😂😂

The LEGOs came today, by FedEx even. I’m impressed how quickly they got here. I’ve set up a long table in the den specifically for the LEGO Capitol Building construction. The other two sets are for the grandkids and their craft table is in the kitchen.

LEGO sent a freebie, for me I guess, says Ages 7+. The twins are 7 so technically this COULD be for them…technically!


4 thoughts on “Can’t Decide Which One to Build First! 😂😂

  1. I’m thinkin’ the Villa Savoie (thanks Cosharbour!) is the one I’m getting (would have liked Notre Dame du Haut, but, no go).
    I’ll replay this just in case you meander around the house in bare feet:

    1. See how good your memory is. I’m darn sure Libertarian Advocate connected here or the OTHER blog that a French family member of his wife’s had her wedding/reception at Ville Savoie. Est-ce que ça te dit quelque chose??

      PS: Have definitely stepped barefoot on LEGOs. It’s something you don’t forget.

      1. Ya got me. I can’t remember, but, knowing what a accomplished designer LA’s wife is, it makes sense.
        Getting cold feet on the model: The original price was $70 (do I look stupid?) and the damn thing is tiny!

        1. I can’t type much of a response because my eyes are watered from laughing so hard at his “French accent”.

          As for the set itself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, size does matter. 😂

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