Good Day for Ducks

Rain coming down in sheets, truly sideways so perfect day to stay home and read and listen to my new Art Tatum CDs. Loving them.

Since the TV is full of COMEY COMEY COMEY, I’ve turned off the tube for now but do want to share with you how the Washington Post starts Monday. 🤷🏻‍♀️

NOTHING is more irrelevant in this world than Coachella so to report Beyoncé being a “historic cultural” happening, well, my brain is exploding.

No other Monday news. Sipping coffee still and contemplating how much (or how little) I’ll get done on my to-do list. I’m going with very little.

Happy Rainy Monday.

18 thoughts on “Good Day for Ducks

    1. The snow totals are incredible. Did not hear about Virginia tornadoes but I did see parts of NC had serious storms.

      Love that tweet.

  1. You’re not actually trying to refute the undeniable fact that Beyoncé’s performance was a historic cultural moment, are you? 😂

    I’m home all day today too. The Left is salivating over Cohen being required to go to court today.

    1. It’s a big deal that Cohen is being called before Kimba Wood. I’m not expecting a good day for him or the president. I also read Stormy Daniels is attending the same court hearing?!

      1. Judge Napolitano on Morning with Maria thinks the Cohen court hearing today is a really really really big deal. Cohen is being asked to produce other legal clients to prove he’s still an active attorney such that his conversations and documents with Trump can be claimed privileged. I also predict the hearing will not go well and the documents will be ripped apart by Trump haters everywhere.

        1. Oh heavens to betsy – this is 100% for show and tell. Why is she even allowed to be in the court? It’s all theatrics.

          I do worry though, the judge will not allow Cohen-Trump privilege and the shitshow will begin.

        2. You honestly think this is the end of the Trump presidency or has the rain gotten to your head?

        3. HANNITY was named as Cohen’s third client. HANNITY. I don’t think so. Hannity and Cohen are friends but I bet Cohen needed a third name and asked Hannity to say he was a client. The internet is broken over this.

        4. But now Hannity is saying he never retained Cohen, that he was not a client. So then, it begs the question, why would Cohen lie? I’m guessing there are more NDAs around and I’m guessing Stormy is going to see a bigger payout. It’s confusing to say the least.

    1. Agree but WordPress would have left a blank black box in that space as it can not accept anything other than an image file in the opening shot. Thanks for posting it though. It was my intention.

  2. I had to unplug from the news today – it’s he said she said he said she said he said she said he said he said.

    Agree with others that Kimba Wood not granting Trump’s appeal to keep documents part of privilege will be a problem for him, bigly.

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