Exquisite Craftsmanship. Attention to Detail.

Kure Beach NC. The funniest dang listing I ever did see. Says “new construction” but wouldn’t you think agent might WAIT until house was, um, actually FINISHED, before posting photos????

I google mapped the address. 100% commercial. Hotels etc. ON the road not on the beach. I guess the only reason such a big house is being built there for a song is as a rental. Someone looking for investment income. Otherwise, no.

Huge street light doesn’t work for me. Busy busy street.

In other news, rain subsided. Third load of laundry in, mostly from upstairs.

5 thoughts on “Exquisite Craftsmanship. Attention to Detail.

  1. The peeps who own the deck on apartment building behind this new build will lose their view. Kure Beach is an odd combination of shacks, and I mean shacks, and big monster houses on stilts. Very little appeal.

    1. The backstory is incredible, such a rich history and sad turns, almost Grey Garden like when the Clothier brothers owned it and let it fall down (related in any way to the Strawbridge and Clothiers?)

      The structures are gorgeous, not necessarily a fan of the interior decor that Screen Siren Pfeiffer has chosen. Screen Siren, c’mon.

      I was in Woodside once, in the late 1960s, visiting the older brother and his wife of someone I grew up with. I don’t know if it was me, a little girl out of Greenville, or it was real, but I remember being afraid – Woodside was like the epicenter of hippe haven, rich coupon clipping hippie haven but hippie haven nonetheless. Am I remembering wrong?

      1. I think it must have been something like that because Neil Young still lives there and so does Joan Baez (I think). I suppose the constant dribble of hippies down to Big Sur inoculated me (they were more annoying than fear causing).

        1. It’s all pretty much a blur now but I was a wide-eyed fairly innocent doe thrown into a world I knew very little about. I never did drugs. Never had a cigarette until college and didn’t like it then. I was so uncomfortable being in their house with their friends I faked some reason to leave. Honestly, I can’t remember why I was there in the first place. It’s an experience I’ve never forgotten though so it must have struck me.

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