Suitable for Ages 12+. I Hope I qualify!

Shopping for LEGOs for the grandkids has renewed my love for LEGOs so I ordered one FOR ME from their Architecture Series today, The Capitol Building


I had lots of Architecture from which to choose, some I eliminated quickly, like NYC, looked boring. Sydney looked interesting and I might do that next. Not sure.


Before the set arrives, I have to figure out where I’m going to set it up because it comes with a million pieces, as seen in a photo taken by a LEGO purchaser who reviewed assembling the Capitol, Minimankerry

The same reviewer stated he sorted the pieces into zip lock bags for easier assembly. Good point.

This is a large model with over 1000 pieces, inside the box are a number of plastic bags with the bricks, I transferred each bag to a zip lock bag to make sorting easier, I also used a plastic tray to sort out all the small pieces, of which there are a lot.


I’m debating between the dining room table or setting up a separate card table singularly for the LEGO assembly. The dining room table has far more room to spread out pieces and the dining room has tons of natural light but I might not like seeing it every day. The card table I could set up in the library but it doesn’t get as much light and I might feel more removed. In a perfect world I’d take over the breakfast table but alas, we use it for every meal and use it for playing board games and the like. I have a smaller craft table in the kitchen for the grandchildren but that has a permanent collection of craft projects on it.

I didn’t have LEGOs growing up – Lincoln Logs and Pick Up Sticks and I don’t ever remember liking Lincoln Logs. But once my kids were old enough to try LEGOs, I was hooked right with them.

Can’t wait. I ordered a few other things for the little ones, a Frozen theme something and a Disney one. I’ll post pix when it all arrives.

Boring Sunday otherwise. The storm of the century has yet to appear. Darn, it hasn’t even begun to rain. No wind either. Just gray and cold. Golf tournament stinks – no one I know or care about. Lousy old movies on. I finished the weekend WSJ crossword puzzle way too quickly so I’m doing laundry.

Hope you had a more exciting day than I.

18 thoughts on “Suitable for Ages 12+. I Hope I qualify!

  1. PS: we set up a long folding table for the project so we could sit side by side to work. Definitely needs a separate table.

    1. That’s good to know. I’ll keep my eye out for news on its completion. I’ll never forget the wonderment my kids had back in the day going to the LEGO department of FAO Schwarz. It was on the top floor in the back. So many choices. Loved it.

  2. I believe this is the set that the actress who plays Kate Littlejohn on “For the People” completed during one of the last episodes. If you haven’t seen this show yet I think you might like it. She is my favorite character (and my husband’s least favorite haha!)

    1. I have a better idea. Why don’t you buy it for me, as a belated 70th birthday present. $419 is too rich for my blood, although it does look totally cool and I would love to do it.

      Thinking this out more, I wonder if it does make sense to buy popular discontinued ones, NOT do them but keep them in the box then sell in another two years for $1000?

      1. Something to consider, after all, you’ve been through quite a lot lately.

        Good point about hoarding the discontinued models. The prices on eBay are somewhat more than the $419 Amazon is asking (whether they get it is another thing).

        1. I remember the days when eBay was the default online shopping. Seems like light years ago. I rarely rarely look through eBay for anything. Do you?

        2. Rarely. I will take a look, occasionally to see the cars part of it.
          BTW, that $419 for Fallingwater is evidently far higher than the original price.

        3. I think eBay was where most everyone looked for cars but I can’t imagine buying one from Joe in Alabama, like a truck with only 23k miles on it. Third engine maybe. And used as a getaway car from the bank heist. And only under water for a day or two. Otherwise, a great deal.
          I’m sure there are websites that can tell me the original ask for the Fallingwater.

    1. Oooh. That looks wonderful to do. It didn’t occur to me to look at the discontinued models but now that you and Holden put links to some, looks like the older models are far more intriguing. I may splurge and buy a couple discontinued models.

      As for Driving Miss Daisy, good question how she gets around. She was raised overseas primarily so perhaps driving was unnecessary to get around. But now that she’s in California, you’d think it would be imperative. But what do I know?

  3. How big are the completed models? Would you want to display them? Why not buy a sheet of plexiglass or thin plywood from Home Depot and spray paint it for a base so you can move your masterpiece around when completed? Bibi

    1. If I had a big basement I might consider displaying them. I don’t. The house overall is way too small for any displays. For me it’s the fun of putting them together. My BIL the architect has done a few but not the Capitol so I may swap him this for one he’s already done.

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