Really? Trump just tweeted “Mission Accomplished”? Does he NOT remember this…?

George W. Bush

Thanks to a heads up from Jane, I watched Trump’s speech last night. I liked the tone, the wording, the emphasis that The United States is NOT interested in fixing the world’s problems. So why did we strike Syria? Here’s my two cents.

This is all about Russia and Iran, the two countries funding Syria’s chemical attack. The US, the UK and France (but why not Germany?) want to send a clear message to Putin. Also, after Obama drew so many red lines that were never followed up, Trump wants to let the world know, that with our allies, we will draw lines and mean it.

The left is already saying Trump chose last night to strike to deflect the media storyline from Comey and Cohen. Derangement Syndrome.

An archive of Susan Rice’s tweets when she was National Security Advisor said this in 2014. Oops. Not exactly, but then again, Rise was sure the video caused Benghazi.

It’s always worrisome to send our military in harm’s way but these fly boys know what they are doing, have trained to do stealth tactical maneuvers, and I bet my last dollar were 1000% prepared. Still, one always worries there will be casualties.


The left too is already calling this WW3, and asks what will we do to help Syria rebuild. Honestly, I’m not making this stuff up.

Meanwhile, let’s end on a totally happy note. I love this and would so do it if I ran across it in the city sidewalk. I’m thrilled to see people still KNOW what hopscotch is.

Happy Sunny Saturday before the rainy and cold Sunday and Monday.

4 thoughts on “Really? Trump just tweeted “Mission Accomplished”? Does he NOT remember this…?

  1. I’m all in for the strike and I too loved the speech. It’s far more difficult for the left to hate this strike that UK & France joined us. Speaks volumes to me.

    Agree the Mission Accomplished comment was stupid.

  2. My children love hopscotch. We use sidewalk chalk to make one in the driveway and use little bean bags as the tosser. All ages can play.

    Okay with air strike as long as it doesn’t become troops in the ground.

  3. It’s not just the combat missions where the pilots are at risk. It’s also the day to day preparation. Have lost six USNA classmates to aviation accidents over the years. Two in flight school and four to a variety of operational accidents (including one where he bailed out and his parachute didn’t open). People would be shocked if you added up and published the number of people who are killed each year in this way. One of the many reasons I have the utmost respect for them.

    1. Very good point. This year alone, there have been many deaths. All so tragic. Respect is the understatement. I saw Martha McSally speak on TV recently and she mentioned that identical issue. She should know, as a former USAF pilot herself.

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