Leaker. Liar. Untruthful Slimeball.

James Comey. Narcissistic prick. His book is all over the news today, Comey calling Trump every name imaginable.

But the right is fighting back, mocking his book with a parody back jacket that made me laugh so hard I cried.

Trump is having NONE of Comey’s crap and lit into James in a two part tweet this morning that was brutal.

This is just one excerpt from Comey’s book that is vomit inducing. There are many more.

The irony is the LEFT called Comey a lying slimeball when they blamed him for Hillary’s loss. Hillary herself blamed Comey and surely SHE would have fired him too but no one wants to go there. Today the left loves Comey because Comey hates Trump. And so it goes on and on.

Maybe today Friday the 13th will bring Comey across the path of a black cat. Let’s hope.


PS: Last night the bird feeder critter broke into the very tightly sealed metal trash can and ate all the bag of seed in there. Today I’m taking it all away. Putting the pole, the feeders, the new seed I bought yesterday that thankfully I didn’t put in the metal trash can, all in the garage til late fall. Don’t need critters coming around.

23 thoughts on “Leaker. Liar. Untruthful Slimeball.

  1. It must be a cold day in hell because I found myself agreeing with Nate Silver.

    1. I’m sure that’s what it is. The dexterity of the raccoon’s hands to remove the lid, a lid that is hard for ME to pry open. Hungry bastard.

      1. Ask and ye shall find.

        Hillary Clinton said Comey “bowed to partisan pressure.”

        Nancy Pelosi called Comey a “political operative” who threw a “Molotov cocktail” that politically damaged Democrats.

        CNN’s Chris Cillizza criticized Comey as a “typical Washington insider.

        1. Ha. Thanks for that. I’m sure there are far more. The usual suspects – Schumer, Blumenthal, Kamala Harris, Booker. They must have voiced their opinion on Comey when he destroyed Hillary’s chances of winning.

        2. More ask and ye shall receive…

        3. That’s it, the definitive video clip. Thanks for finding it. Do you know who put it together? I’d like to pin that to MY Twitter profile. It’s that good.

  2. Are you okay with Trump’s tweets about Comey? I am not. That’s not to say I like Comey and what his book was all about – he is a leaker and a liar, but Trump seems to feel he has to reply to everyone who criticizes him.

    1. I’m torn. Part of me is uncomfortable with the tone of many of Trump’s tweet. The majority of me though says GO FOR IT. The press hates him so much they say anything so it’s only Trump himself who can refute the fake news. It’s an uphill battle.

    1. Holy mother of god, that is an alien species. Had to be Florida. Just had to be! My squirrels are of normal size but the majority are all black.

      I’m far more in the GO FOR IT camp than not but I see Jane’s point.

        1. The MSM is eating up Comey’s hateful Trump spew – it’ll play all weekend and into next week with no comment from Hillary. No TV anchor Comey chooses to be interviewed by is going to challenge him on that passage and Comey knows it. What a POS.

  3. Regarding Trump’s comment on Comey. Best tweet ever. Ever.
    He fights back, and I’ve waited all my adult life for that. Plus, it was pithy and funny, and dead on accurate.
    Btw, be careful where you store the feed. It can attract rats.

  4. I don’t know. I would like to think our president could hold himself a bit above the name calling level….hmmm

    And then, the words every mom longs to hear, “ Mummy, what’s a narcissistic prick?”😳 (they like to sneak up and read over my shoulder! It’s exasperating!)

    1. My bad My bad. I’m corrupting your children. I’m so sorry. Did you answer his question????

      You and Jane are on the same page that Trump should stay above the fray. I can see your point but the hate that comes his way is so deep that what human being, even the president, wouldn’t have an instinct to fight back? Trump is not a Manhattan elite. He’s a scrapper from Queens. It’s in his nature to fight and name call. Is it optimal? No. But nor is what hate comes AT Trump. Lose Lose.

      1. No need to worry on your part. I deflected, and then we had a conversation about why name calling is not acceptable, even though others do it. Heck, we do it too! I figure it’s all good, I don’t mind these conversations with him. It just struck me as funny when he snuck up and asked me!

        And good points about Trump’s nature. Do you think he’ll get re-elected?

        (I, too, think it’s a racoon. You should set up a spy cam😀)

        1. I was cleaning the BBQ and found telltale raccoon paw prints on the prep side of the BBQ and also prints on the side table we have for service.

          Yes, I think Trump will be re-elected. The more immediate concern is the 2018 midterms and if the Rs can hold on. It’s debatable.

          As for name-calling, I think some name calling by kids is innocent and harmless, kid stuff. At least in our day. Today, the stakes are so high. One name calling in public school and you’re thrown out. There has to be a happy medium.

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