Not as Bad as the Yankees Red Sox brawl last night….

…..But some critters duked it out over my bird feeder. I looked out to my bird feeder this morning and it was gone. I went outside and it had fallen, but not just fallen, it was brutalized. Uprooted from its very sturdy position with metal hooks holding it down and a cement block keeping it plumb.

The two feeder tubes were empty and one was as 20 feet away halfway down the yard.

This is the first time I’ve had this happen. The guilty party had to be bigger than a squirrel but what would carry a feeder tube a distance then eat all the seeds?? A hawk? I don’t think so. A fox?

I need more seed anyway so I’ll right the feeder stand and refill because I have had lots of birds come even though it’s springtime and birds should be able to eat without the supplemental seed.

Yesterday the right hand side tube was full and the red bellied woodpecker was enjoying a snack. Today, not a seed in sight. Not even a mess left behind. Deer maybe?

12 thoughts on “Not as Bad as the Yankees Red Sox brawl last night….

  1. Fox is my guess. It had to be an animal strong enough to take down the feeder in its entirety and with the dexterity to carry the feeder tube.

  2. Nothing can top the Yankees Red Sox brawl last night. When interviewed after the game, the players said it was a nothing burger. Boyz being boyz.

    I guess fox too.

      1. I think you are right about raccoon but what’s odd is the top of the feeder tubes as never opened to get to the seeds yet both tubes are empty. To open the top is even hard for humans – it requires pushing down and turning, like opening an aspirin bottle.

        1. Same thing happened to us. We have a pole feeder with a squirrel baffle. Something was climbing the pole, taking down the feeder and dragging it 10-15′ away. It happened for several nights. Then we saw it: a raccoon. I installed an extra-wide baffle recommended for raccoons, and that was the end of it. I haven’t used that baffle for several years now, but it never happened again.

  3. Folks in northern New England have taken their bird feeders down so as not to attract black bears as they come out of hibernation. I suspect your culprit is a raccoon, though.

    1. When I explained what happened to the bird seed guy, the first words out of his moth were BLACK BEAR! I know bear have been sighted in Westchester and but I doubt his suggestion is correct. Raccoon seems entirely plausible. I bought a raccoon baffle today but I have to take the feet off to put on the baffle. I may leave that task to “others”.

  4. What a coincidence. Just the other day my mother in law in North Carolina removed several pole feeders from her back deck. That night a bear, presumably either angry or looking for the missing feeders, tore the place apart. Ripped up furniture, tore up slate, destroyed an umbrella. She even texted us a photo of a huge muddy paw print on the side of her house!
    I can’t recall the comedienne who said it, so I’ll paraphrase: nature is scary, stay the hell out of it.

    1. Bears are hungry this time of year. What a mess your MIL has to deal with. One daughter was visiting friends in Aspen when bears broke into the porch door and into the house. Like your MIL, ripped apart the whole place.

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