National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day


White bread.
American Cheese, yellow or white, yellow preferred
Summer, add fresh garden tomato slices
Winter, add Ham
Better: add Bacon

Dunk or not dunk?

Your version would be…….?

14 thoughts on “National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

  1. Back from crazy California. I’m always happy to visit grandchildren but even happier when I leave.

    Pepperidge Farm white sandwich bread.
    Yellow American cheese.
    Always tomato.
    Often ham.
    Favorite with tomato and bacon but rarely have bacon.
    Dunk in tomato soup.

  2. Sourdough or Ezekiel bread
    White cheddar, as long as it melts ok. It can sometimes separate
    Lots of butter
    Dunk! (Trader Joe’s low sodium tomato is pretty good)
    Hubs only considers it a snack if there is no meat, so sometimes he gets ham. Not so much for me, though.

    Hmmmm, I should have a lesson for the boys on grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  3. My husband makes the best grilled cheese by using mayonnaise instead of butter on the bread. It spreads easily, gets a nice golden brown and adds a little something something! It’s the little things one brings to a marriage ….

        1. Definitely gonna try that. Dumb question: can it be Miracle Whip or does it have to be real mayo? No one in my family likes real mayo, especially in things like tuna fish sandwiches.

  4. I suppose you could use Miracle Whip but in our family Hellman’s mayonnaise cures everything !

  5. Butter one side only of two slices of Pepperidge Farm rye with seeds or hearty white.
    Cabot extra sharp cheddar
    2 slices cooked bacon optional but highly recommended.

    1. Rye is my go-to. Seeded rye. but I don’t buy Pepperridge farm Rye. I prefer Levy’s Seeded real Jewish Rye. I never thought to make a grilled cheese with it though. Good idea.

  6. We are soul sisters. Levy’s Jewish rye. It’s the only rye bread as far as I’m concerned.
    Grilled with Swiss cheese. Back in the good old days grilled with lard. I think there’s probably a law against that now.
    I am definitely trying the mayo. That cannot be bad.

    1. Lard is making a comeback. I see many cooking show hosts use it.

      Agree about Levy’s rye. The other brands don’t have the depth of rye flavor.

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