Geometry Quiz: Updated with Answer

How many triangles? Your time starts now!

I guessed 7. The answer is 18. Kudos to all you smarty pants who got it right.

14 thoughts on “Geometry Quiz: Updated with Answer

  1. 18?

    Sorry I haven’t commented lately. Have kept meaning to, but then time evaporates! Happy late birthday! My 50 is coming up….😬

    1. 50???? You Spring chicken you! 50 is as much of a hurdle as 30. 60 and 70 are no real biggie. Even my mother is thinking 100 is no big deal.

      18 triangles is a good guess.

      1. Is 18 right? I found 18, but was concerned I missed some

        I’m not miffed by the age thing…just another day. Hubby asked me what I wanted and I said “one day, ONE day without complaints or resistance (school, chores, etc). He is kinda begging to buy me flowers or jewelry instead!😂

  2. I guess just one. Triangles have three identical sides.
    Happy Birthday, with with more salt than you’ll ever use!

  3. I did horribly in geometry but I do remember that triangles can come in all shapes and sizes and not all equal sides. Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene. Acute Right Obtuse.

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