A Bedford Bumpkin Shops in Connecticut…..And Other News

I took your advice and crossed into CT to shop at Fleishers Meat Market, excuuuuuse me, Craft Butchery, and wow, great meats but waaaaaaay waaaaaaaay waaaaay out of my financial comfort zone. Beautiful store. Staff all fabulous. Bonus: I can sign up for Butchering 101 classes.

While I waited for my steaks to be wrapped in brown paper and weighed, a young Greenwich mom came asking for just about one of everything, even ground hamburger at $12.99 pound! But hey, the cattle is raised outdoors on a pasture and eat a diverse range of grasses and legumes. Never treated with hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics…..that is, before slaughtering them! 😬

I about fell over at the price tag but hey, the steaks will be delish!!!! Tomorrow night. With sautéed mushrooms and onions.

By sheer coincidence, I had a prepaid box I needed to drop off at a post office and lo and behold, Cos Cob P.O. was RIGHT THERE!!

From there we decided to make it a Cos Cob trifecta and ran into Fjord Fishery. Oops. Pays to READ THE SIGN first. I pointed at one pretty slab o’salmon and saying I’ll take it BEFORE seeing it was New Zealand Organic King Salmon.

Wait for it. Wait for it.
Ka-ching!!! $49.78

It’s on the barbie right now with broccoli steaming as a side.

Last night, this…..yes, it’s true, 7-0. Gulp.

We had a fun gathering of all ages at a local restaurant, made a reservation two+ weeks ago, got it confirmed, showed up, no reservation!! And we were a big group so no easy way to create a table for us. Grumble. Grumble. The owner came out and apologized and in the end gave us a nice discount, but it didn’t negate that fact I made a reservation and it got confirmed by an employee at the restaurant. Grumble more. We had much fun nonetheless then came home to cake baked by Whistle Stop in Ridgefield. Chocolate cake and buttercream frosting. Being 70 isn’t so bad.

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  1. Boy, that birthday sneaked up on your readers. The cake is very classy. Plus, it’s chocolate with buttercream frosting. Doesn’t get much better than that.
    Greenwich is pricier than Bedford when it comes to butchers and fishmongers? I don’t think Julia Child’s old market, the best and most expensive in this area, charges as much for meat and fish as those fancy Greenwich ones.
    Happy Birthday, EOS. May you have at least as many as your Mom.

    1. Had we not been otherwise diverted, I might have made a bigger deal about my birthday festivities. I felt it was as more appropriate to keep things low key.

      Greenwich seems far pricier than Bedford. My fishmonger isn’t cheap and I don’t mind paying for fresh fish, but I do draw a line. Fjord crossed over it. I had no intention of buying fish yesterday. None. Just saw the market. Went in and came home $49 poorer. I will say the salmon was incredible. Melt in your mouth amazing. Worth the price I guess.

  2. Happy Birthday, EOS, from one who celebrated his 72nd three days ago. As for quality meat, believe it or not, Acme in Greenwich offers quite tasty prime beef at very reasonable prices when you “custom” order from Richard the butcher. About once a month we ask him to prepare 1 1/2″ filet mignons which once cooked are so tender one might almost be able to cut them with a fork. And for fish, as I think you know, it’s hard to beat BonTon fish market…quality at lower prices than Fjord.

    1. I used to get the best cuts of beef/meat at the old version of Scott’s Corner Market. They were tried and true. My whole filet mignon to large roasts and turkeys. Then they fell off a cliff. The last time I was in there the meats in the case looked BROWN!! Pass. We don’t eat red meat all that much anyway – more chicken and fish, but you are right, a filet is by far the best way to go. My supermarkets don’t carry very high end meats.
      I was super impressed with BonTon. It’s a hoof to go though.

    2. I saw Diana Ross at the fish counter at Acme last Thursday. A cashier told me she stops in a couple of times a week.

      1. I’m still struggling with the idea of that Acme being good. I told you all that when I went in a couple of weeks ago, it looked tired and old. I guess from what all of you are saying I should give it a second try.

        1. When I wrote that I saw Diana Ross at the Acme I did not intend it to be a recommendation, just a somewhat interesting tidbit. The place is old and tired looking even though they did a remodelling not that long ago. I’ve bought my groceries at that store there for many years – used to see Weicker there when he was the guv. But I prefer buying meat and seafood at specialty stores, as well as the late, lamented Greenwich Produce which Whole Foods pretty much killed. That’s where I get most of my produce now. I fill in with Balducci’s.

          For a really old fashioned family-owned butcher shop experience Crisfield’s Prime Meats on Purchase St (in the back, off the parking lot) is the place to go. The owner is a genuine master butcher. The Fleischer guys are not quite in his league.

  3. Happy Birthday! As others note, Greenwich Prime Meats and Bon Ton fish market next door have good quality at much more approachable prices than Fleishers and Fjord.

    1. I have many friends who make Greenwich their default grocery shopping. Prime Meats and BonTon included. They all have kids at home though so it makes the trek worth their while. For us, less practical to be schlepping into Greenwich twice a week. But maybe I need to reconsider.

      1. I’ve seen Whistle Stop pies for sale at Fleischers. Small world.

        Happy Birthday and welcome to the septuagenarian club!

        1. We looked up Whistle Stop and saw on their website they sell cakes at Fleishers! What a small world. My kids got it at Bedford Gourmet, which oddly enough, Whistle Stop does NOT list as where their cakes can be bought. It was so moist and delicious. A perfect cake.

    1. Sadly, yes. As I said above, the $$$ salmon was exquisitely good, so flavorful and delectable, it negated the price tag. Tonight, the steaks. I expect greatness there too. The question is: A-1 or not?

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