Um, What??? Updated with New Pix

Easily three inches (4″+ and counting now) (easily 6″ now at 9:30am) of snow so far and still coming down. Totally messing up with my plans this week to clean up the winter yard debris and to plant some new shrubs and flowers. Grrrrrrrr.

I feel sorry for the people who paid thousands of dollars to attend today’s Yankees Opening Day!! I’m glad you all told us to check the forecast before we did the same later this week because more snow is on the way midweek.

UPDATE: Two new photos from readers…

EarthImage, with a NO SNOW photo from Florida, Indian Rocks Easter Sunday. Gorgeous.
Indian Rocks Beach Easter

And with snow, a photo from Miranda, right across the border in Connecticut.

4 thoughts on “Um, What??? Updated with New Pix

  1. Too bad about the snow. It’s a gorgeous day here in Hilton Head. We’re liking this area enough to start looking for a condo overlooking the water. No more houses with yards to maintain. Not sure this will be the definitive next home for us but wife likes it very much.

    1. I have lived in Beaufort (just north of HH) for 15 yrs. & would strongly suggest you rent for a year or so before you commit to HH. If Matthew & Irma forced you to leave Miami you should know that HH evacuated for both storms. Bridges closed, flooding, trees down all over Beaufort County & power out for a LONG time. The cleanup from Matthew took 6 months. Getting back home was a nightmare. I’d try to find an honest real estate agent (if you can find one) and ask a lot of questions. None of my business, of course, but I would want to know if I was thinking of settling there. Especially beachfront.

  2. I sent you a pic. More thank 6” here, the boys went snow bathing this morning😂 it’s crazy!

  3. At least six inches here in north Greenwich. Vincenzo, our trusty snow plow guy, just showed up…as surprised as I was about the total accumulation so far. His reaction to the unexpected accumulation?

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