Happy Easter Weekend


I probably won’t blog all that much, unless I find strawberries. But if I don’t find them, I need Plan B for dessert, something that doesn’t include baking a lemon meringue pie. Peach shortcake? Strawberry ice cream? Something easy peasy. Light. No big coconut cake.

Also, Happy Passover to my readers who are eating gefilte fish, brisket, and matzo ball soup over Seder tonight. Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend

  1. Buy frozen strawberries for strawberry shortcake.
    Get cookies from an Italian bakery
    Lemon pound cake with lemon frosting and blueberries or raspberries.

    1. I thought about frozen strawberries but they aren’t quite the same. I make my mother’s old classic Bisquick shortcake recipe – simple, not too sweet, crumbly, perfect with strawberries and whipped cream. I guess I had my heart set on it.

      I also thought about pound cake as plan B. I’m almost at the store. I’ll let you know if I found strawberries…..

  2. Easy easy and really good but don’t tell anyone the ingredients or they’ll roll their eyes. I buy a graham cracker crust and mix a container of cool whip with two containers of Noosa Lemon Yogurt. Freeze and decorate with fresh berries.

    I have also done a variation of the famous chocolate wafer icebox cake with lemon cookies and whipped cream mixed with lemon curd. Layer cookies and whipped cream mixture and slice on diagonal.

  3. Just returned from Shaw’s where they had plenty of California strawberries. They were on sale, too.
    I think you’d be happily surprised by Costco’s frozen strawberries. They seem to be picked and individually frozen at just the right stage of ripeness. Nothing like a sugary syrup added, either.
    A lemony dessert sounds perfect for Easter.

    1. BREAKING NEWS: I found strawberries. Driscoll’s from California. I dare not say how much they were, only that I will need to win tomorrow night’s Mega Millions to afford them.

      But, I was so enthralled with Fish Out of Water’s recipe, I got Noosa yogurt (but lime, they had no lemon) and will make a key lime version of your frozen delight. Raspberries on top. Good to go. Two two two desserts and a leg of lamb.

  4. Happy Easter — Happy April’s Fool’s Day — don’t forget Rabbit Rabbit for good luck. Did you see that Blue Moon, Sap Moon last night?
    Great game Nova Wildcats and go ND tonight!
    so busy….

    1. Happy Easter to you as well. About to put an Easter post up. Got my mother good for April Fool’s Day. I did not say Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit. I never got into going that.

      The blue moon was crazy bright. Beautiful.

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