This is what we’ll be having for Easter Sunday dessert

I’ve been to THREE supermarkets for strawberries. Strawberries in spring. Strawberries for Easter Strawberry shortcake. Easy, right??? Nope. NO ONE HAS STRAWBERRIES!!!

Something about the weather??? Anyone else having this problem?

Plus, I’ve found crap lamb. No good legs and we’re lamb not ham people for Easter. The fish market was so mobbed I couldn’t get in the parking lot. One of those days….

13 thoughts on “This is what we’ll be having for Easter Sunday dessert

  1. Was looking for strawberries in Shop-Rite yesterday — None!
    Go to Citarella’s in Greenwich for Lamb, a bit cheaper than Fleischers which is $$ but Very Good.

        1. Thanks. Craft butcher. That’s a new term for me. I know craft beer but what would a craft butcher be compared to a regular butcher? Not trying to be snarky, seriously asking.

          There’s a butcher shop in Mount Kisco but the two or three times I’ve been in there I left empty handed. Stuff looked old.

        2. Thanks for the link. I’m salivating looking at their meats. I’m not sure I want to go that far tomorrow to find a leg of lamb but I’ve bookmarked their website and will go after the Easter crunch. Thanks for the info.

  2. Fleisher’s used to be in Rhinebeck and Kingston until they decided all the money was in Brooklyn and parts south. They have interesting butchering courses where you can learn how to cut up a pig or a big side of beef.
    I have a feeling the name is a play on the Yiddish word Fleish meaning meat.
    Meat was very good, but too much of a trek for me to go for some beef.

    1. When I lived in the city I used to get my meats at Lobels (sp?) in the days when butcher shops were in every NYC neighborhood. With the meatpacking district all but gone (I think one meat packing company is left), I am shocked, but pleased, that good butcher shops still exist and thrive.

      Thanks for the Yiddish lesson, especially timely on Passover.

  3. I read there’s an actual strawberry shortage due to lousy weather in California and Mexico. It’s expected to be of short duration but you’ll be lucky to find any for Sunday.

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