I’ll be applying for a mortgage today….

…. to buy Yankees tickets!! Next week is Opening week and we have our eye on going Wednesday.

Whoa, the price tags…insane. Starting at $325??? Where’s my $5.00 and a hot dog seating??

StubHub has seats in the $225/per range and I found myself saying, okay that’s doable, until I said it out loud, $225 per seat. That doesn’t include parking. Hot dogs and peanuts (if they even sell peanuts anymore). So basically a $500 day. To watch the Yankees play the Tampa Bay Rays???

Tell me I’m crazy to even think this is a good idea.

13 thoughts on “I’ll be applying for a mortgage today….

  1. You’re crazy. Today is the Mets Opening day. Now there’s a $500 day I can get behind. Yankees suck.

  2. I think it’s a crazy idea but I also believe we need to follow crazy ideas every now and then. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re easily out $600.00 but have a great story to tell.

    1. All true. And we’ll very likely go Tuesday or Wednesday. But it still sticks in my craw that a simple outing is so darn expensive. What if we wanted to take the whole family?? $5000 day??

  3. Check the schedule and the forecast before you shell out the bucks.
    Maybe you can find something else to spontaneously do if the Yankees game doesn’t work out.

    1. Swanton is right. The forecast is iffy all next week. I even heard mention of snow! There’s always a summer day game.

  4. Back in the day (circa 1990) someone in our Manhattan office would pick a Yankees evening game and invite anyone who wanted to go. We would take the subway up, buy tickets at the gate for $15 or so in left field seats, and have a great time.

    A couple years ago the husband of one of my employees was given Yankees tickets for his family. They still managed to spend a couple hundred bucks on refreshments and maybe some souvenirs.

    1. Great story.

      We used to be lucky enough to be guests of people who owned a Field Box at the old Yankees Stadium – sit between home and first base. Perfect. Once the new stadium was built, they opted out of keeping their family box. Drat. Now we have to be regular schmoes and BUY tickets. In my best Seinfeld voice, What’s up with that?

      In my opinion, the worst aspect of going to any sporting event today is the “yahoo factor”. The idiots who are foul-mouthed and drunk. Happens everywhere and it’s awful. That’s why I’m a huge fan of minor league baseball for family outings. We’ve gone to many a Pawsocks game in Providence. Always fun. Tickets around $15. Can’t go wrong.

  5. We went to a Yankees Game with college friends, 2 years ago, the husband insisted we get bleacher seats, so we were game. Got great $20 seats, people sitting near us very friendly, not sold out so we had room and the seats are very close to Lobel’s the steak sandwich vendor, so easy to get the good eats. Took the direct train from Greenwich. Very much fun- plan to go again this year a little later in the Summer. We went up to see the Yard Goats in Hartford last Summer in their first season in the new Dunkin Donuts stadium, after much delay. (they played the whole 2016 season on the road!) It is a beautiful ball park right in downtown.

    1. The direct Metro North train from the Harlem Line to Yankee Stadium is not operational now, some renovation project. You have to get there via the Hudson or New Haven Line, meaning you’ll have to park and ride from Stamford or Greenwich.

      Do take the train though. Driving and parking is insanity.

    2. Yeah, and the City of Hartford can’t pay debt service on the bonds that financed the stadium. So now the rest of the state has just bailed the city out on its entire $550million in debt.

      1. Good point. I see promoted Tweets from some CT union group looking to raising state funds for CT road infrastructure. I’ll post the tweet here when I come across it again. CT has NO money.

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