Pink Skies. Kitty Cat tracks. Rifle Shots.

The pink sky photo is from Cos Harbour and when I saw it I asked what made all the footprints in the snow. Kitty kitty kitty cat. Beautiful photo. A view to die for.


Waiting for Interstate Well** to show up. Got a couple large containers of water for coffee and brushing teeth so I’m good to go (less cranky) until well is fixed but was awake a good deal of last night to gun shots outside. In the distance but still disconcerting at 2:30am. Definitely a rifle, the echo was long, like this:

Two shots in a row then it stopped. A time passed, like ten minutes, then two shots again, in a row, then stopped. Five or six times within the hour. I debated about calling the police but no one around me turned their lights on to look so either I was hallucinating or no one else cared. Plus, don’t forget to the police, I’m the lady who called about the woman screaming they never found so if I call about the gun shots that they can’t find, I’ll be that nutty lady who calls about mysterious stuff.

***UPDATE: Interstate here. Determined the well pump is shot. Good news is THEY installed it in 2016 and even better news, it’s under warranty still.

Happy Hump Day. No one won the lottery last night and of my CT and NY tickets, I came up with not one number. Not a one. Oh well, there’s always Loser Friday.

4 thoughts on “Pink Skies. Kitty Cat tracks. Rifle Shots.

    1. When I’m in Greenwich I always and only buy my tix at the Shell station on Post Road, kinda kitty corner from Chicken Joe’s. I don’t buy gas there, only CT lottery tickets. Good luck to you.

  1. We have friends who have a house in the woods in Litchfield County. They’re always shooting something, who knows at what or why. They are a bit redneck. I’d chalk up the shots you heard as the same. I mean there’s no Bedford breaking news of killings.

    1. I guess so, but at 2 to 3am, still odd. Sound travels in very weird ways too. It wasn’t directly next door but close enough that it woke me.

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