Uh oh

This isn’t good. No water.

I was going along doing dinner dishes and starting the dishwasher when I heard a breaker pop in the main electrical panel. Nothing unusual for that to happen so I went to see what tripped and it was the well. Huh. So I turned on the faucet in the laundry room sink. No agua. I turned the faucet on in the kitchen. No agua. So I quickly turned off the dishwasher. What was strange was when I flipped the well breaker back on, every light in the laundry flickered for a long time. I didn’t think that was good so I turned the breaker back off and called Interstate Well in Greenwich. (Thanks to a tip from Cobra!). Interstate has a 24/7 answering service. I told them the problem and within two minutes, or less, the head honcho of Interstate called me back and they’ll be here tomorrow morning. Luckily I’ve taken my shower for the month of March so I’m good to go until April. Phew. But I did slightly panic that I’d have no water for making coffee tomorrow. A gal can do without a shower but not coffee!

As if from the gods of heaven, the phone rang with Number One son calling asking if he could stop by for a second to pick up some of his ammo (that he keeps locked up here). Sure, and on your way, can you bring me two large jugs of water? Sure Ma. Sure.


In speaking with the Interstate guy tonight, he agreed the well breaker should stay off. He didn’t like the lights flickering either and said something about arcing. They replaced the well pump in 2016 when they lifted the pump up quite a few feet because I was getting too much silt. So I’m glad Interstate was the last to deal with it and happy they are coming early tomorrow. Where is Mr. EOS you ask??? Welll, no pun intended, he went up to RI today where he HAS water so I get to be without water all alone. Fun fun fun.

5 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. Reason #3257 I am happy to live in a condo association. I hated dealing with major things going wrong in an old house and it was always when my husband was on an out of town business trip.

    Brush your teeth with wine of bourbon.

    1. The running joke in our family is the day Mr. EOS decides to run up to RI for a few days is the day the power goes out, the water pump dies, the washing machine floods, the alarm system goes off. It’s like he plans it!!! Good thing I’m a hearty Italian stock!

  2. Isn’t that always the way things happen? Years ago my husband had a job that required he travel a lot. We’d just moved into a house where the fire alarm triggered constantly. Anything set it off – dust, steam from the shower, God knows what. And it was freakishly loud. Mind bogglingly loud. It was truly a nightmare and it never happened when the husband was home. I’d describe the noise, and the increasingly angry visits from the fire department and he’d just look at me like I was some sad sack moron.
    Finally after a year of this nonsense it went off when he was there.
    He had it disconnected the next day.
    Jerk 😀

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