Monday Musical Mystery

I was weaned on jazz – my dad a huge jazz and big bands fan, with records galore to listen to. Mom played the piano and they both sang, sang well, so jazz is most definitely in my gene pool. I can’t sing worth a bean on tune but I gotta say, I do have rhythm! 🙂

While I have most of my father’s old LPs and also his reel-to-reel tapes, I am on the hunt for CDs now to rekindle my love of jazz.

Here are three musicians whose work I am particularly keen on. Can you name them, without looking them up? Hint: they all play piano. And they are all pure genius on the ivories.


23 thoughts on “Monday Musical Mystery

  1. I only know one, George Shearing, on the right. I was weaned on jazz to so I should know the others but I don’t without looking.

  2. Only know Oscar Peterson (second pic). Guess at Duke Ellington for 1st picture and George Shearing (cuz glasses) for third.

    I think i’ve mentioned Mosaic Records in Stamford as great resource for jazz recordings.

    Close with the inimitable Keith Jarrett:

    1. Thanks for the tip to Mosaic Record. I opened their website and coincidentally, an Oscar Peterson clip sits at the top.

      1. Ditto Holden for the nod to Mosaic. I didn’t find any Art Tatum or George Shearing. Some Oscar Peterson. I might have to go there myself. I’ve sent city-dwelling child on hunt. If it’s not in the city, it ain’t anywhere.

  3. You can convert your dad’s LPs into CDs. It’s pretty easy. Save you the time and money to hunt for CDs.

    1. Well, maybe but I would think my dad’s LPs would be pretty scratchy. City-kid just called to say there’s a jazz music store on 3rd and something by NYU. First option is to buy CDs. If that’s not doable, we’ll try the LP to CD route. Thanks.

      1. There is also a great jazz music store on 26th between 7th and 8th., Jazz Record Center. They have a large CD as well as LP collection. They carry a lot ofMosaic Box sets. We are also big fans of Mosaic Records.

        1. Jazz Record Center is on the 8th floor at 236 W 26th St. Not sure if this is the same one or not.

        2. Kids will be here for the weekend so I’ll ask then but I only know she had to go outside to text me photos of the Oscar Peterson CDs because she said she was in a basement with no wifi. More as I know.

  4. This makes me chuckle, recalling the music I was raised on. Long before the days of personal headphones my father, slightly hard of hearing, would blast folk music like The Clancy Brothers throughout the house. Drove my Italian mother insane. She’d refer to it as maudlin Irish crap.
    She was right. It was awful.

    1. Maudlin Irish Crap. I’m laughing hysterically. There are so many Irish-Italian couples. I know a half dozen or more myself. Must have raised the roof when they disagreed.

    1. Wow. I searched all through Amazon and never saw these. As I mentioned I saw a collection on Amazon that was marketed as Import and in EU format.

      Thanks for this link. Consider them bought!!!

  5. I found a guy in Fairfield CT that transfers old technology to new technology. He turned an LP from 1954 to an MP3 file. He also transferred a VCR tape to DVD. That and more. Todd from Did great work, reasonable prices. I’m sure he could transfer your LPs to CDs in a flash. Highly recommend him.

      1. I actually have a turntable that I bought about a decade ago. Not THAT one but a fairly decent one, thinking I’d set it up and be cool and play all my vintage LPs. Waste of money. It sits in a box in the attic likely destined for goodwill.

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