Voglio imparare a parlare italiano


There are so many options available today for someone wanting to learn a language. Online apps/classes seem to be the default, from Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Pimsleur.

Most seem to cost something monthly or up front. Rosetta Stone at least lets you know right away what the costs are.


At Babbel on the other hand, I got through the entry test portion, and into another page with nothing other than supplying my email address, which has to be confirmed in order for me to continue. Two hours later, my email has not received a confirmation from Babbel so I can’t go any farther to see what Babbel costs and if it is right for me. On that basis alone, I eliminated it.

There’s SUNY Purchase near enough to me that I could take a class which I think would be Preferred Method B. However, I can’t imagine sitting in a room with 18 year olds who have never taken any language course. I can already understand Italian what with my once fluency in French but I think I’d have to start with Italian I, to get a sold foundation.

Preferred Method A:
GO TO ITALY, Live there a couple of months. Take an intensive course. Then voilà, sono fluente in italiano. 

Many options there too. I could live and learn in Sicily through The Italian Academy. 

I could live and learn in Florence, Milan, Rome, or Siena, at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci 

I learned book French in high school and college but it wasn’t until I lived in Paris that I became truly fluent so I know no app or college course is going to give me the Italian fluency I want without living there. Two months would work. This fall? Say September and October? I could do that. Maybe I take the app courses this summer so when I get to Italy, I’d be a bit ahead of the game? Si?

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  1. The Sicilian option would be my choice. Not necessarily that company but Sicily in general would be more interesting culturally and food wise than mainland Italy. Skip Rome. Siena has gotten so touristy it’s almost unbearable. Skip that too. Autumn would be perfect.

    1. That’s not a bad idea but I still think I want to immerse myself in the language while in Italy. I can’t tell you how quickly I became fluent in French just standing around the boulangerie or the street farmers market.

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