March For Our Lives, The EOS take. UPDATE

UPDATE: Scroll to the end to see an incredible (and by incredible I mean insanely stupid but telling) video taken at the March yesterday.

Leading off with the very scary David Hogg who has gone full Maoist – the full rage of hate for anyone who disagrees with him. Earlier this week, Hogg gave a profanity laced interview that was praised by the media that moves him. I don’t see what’s to love about this kid. He’s no hero of mine.

Then there’s parent abusing kids…..


And whoa, this one is really brutal….


Who knows what this guy wants….


The ultimate dog and pony show trick was having an 11 year old granddaughter of MLK use his legacy I have a dream line. I am sure Oprah orchestrated that. Or Barack and Michelle.



Look Ma, I’m on TV. #InstrgramMe

The irony goes over their heads here………

Capitalism is at least live and well..

$5.00 for the poster.

My two cents. Gun violence is real. No one wants to see children at school killed or adults who are praying get gunned down at church. But this March offers no solutions other than a call by the DNC to register to vote. It’s mostly a TrumpHate protest.

Who wrote the speeches given by the kids? I suspect some celeb offered up writers. A song was performed and I hear-tell the proceeds are going to anti gun groups. Right.

I didn’t listen to the speeches other than clips I found on Twitter. And all the photos I posted were taken by people I follow on Twitter – none is my original photo. I suppose I should give credit but ….

I do wonder what will happen tomorrow, when the March is over, when David and Emma go back to Florida or announce they are new CNN anchors. What will change? What should change?

UPDATE: Watch, if you can. Disclaimer – The EOS Blog Is Not responsible for your Head Exploding. 


14 thoughts on “March For Our Lives, The EOS take. UPDATE

  1. I watched some of Emma’s speech and i think she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She’s doesn’t seem to have processed what happened to her being elevated to prom queen. Deer in headlights.

    The whole event was awful.

    1. Agree that Emma seems fragile now. Not well. It’s like being at a funeral when everyone around is there to hold you up then they all go home and you have to cope. I don’t think Emma will cope well alone.

  2. Looking at all the posters, I would have been smart to buy Michaels Craft Store stock.

    I have no understanding of this march. I grew up with guns.

  3. Many of your photos were taken by Stephen Gutowski who writes for the Free Beacon. I read the Free Beacon and also follow his Twitter feed. He became famous after the Eagles won the Super Bowl for being the guy who shimmied up a Crisco pole in Philadelphia. The photo went viral.

      1. I wonder what this little 💩 will do when his fifteen minutes are up? I don’t think the future is bright for this little sociopath.

        1. I predict Hogg will be hired by CNN. He won’t deign to go back to Parkland because now they will have to wear IDs and carry clear backpacks, that funnily, Hogg objected to because girls would have tampons and such inside. 😂

          He’s a ticking timebomb.

  4. This cancer has even spread to my neck of the woods in Sarasota, FL. There is a downtown landmark on a busy thoroughfare where there are often useful idiots protesting this or that. This morning I was just trying to go to the farmer’s market and got stuck in a huge traffic jam because of the throngs of protesters. Even had cops there stopping traffic so that these useful idiots could mill about and delay people trying to get to the beach, work, downtown, or wherever, without getting run over.

    This whole thing is just mind boggling to me. To paraphrase the Bill Whittle video I posted last week, of course we can all agree that we don’t like shooting incidents in schools. But given that ‘news’ is presented as entertainment these days, and what bleeds leads, we have reached the point that the first reaction of some student in the Maryland shooting the other day was to call CNN and say how scared they were in search of their 15 minutes of fame. Good grief!

    I realize it is far beyond my capabilities to change any of these. It is just a useful distraction for the middle class, who are being ground to dust between decreased earnings and increased cost of living.

    1. Excellent comment.

      I saw clips of groups in White Plains but I did not hear if it came to Mount Kisco. Unlikely Bedford, I suspect they might have gone into the city.

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