Hey, if I wanted a yummy old-school bowl of spaghetti, where would I go?


We’re entertaining friends this weekend and thought it would be fun to find a hole-in-the-wall not fancy traditional spaghetti jernt. There are LOTS of really upscale Italian places but no thanks – I don’t want to be served one ravioli with goat cheese in it for $29.95. I want the real deal plate of homemade spaghetti and meat sauce. Garlic bread and cheap Italian wine.

We’re game to make it a road trip, within reason. I mean Greenwich or Darien or New Canaan or White Plains or Port Chester or Yonkers…maybe a half-hour radius.

Any recommendations?

21 thoughts on “Hey, if I wanted a yummy old-school bowl of spaghetti, where would I go?

  1. Pieros – used to be in a dive spot in Port Chester – now at 123 Halstead Ave., Harrison. (914) 937-2904

      1. Absolutely, wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise. Good solid fare at reasonable prices. We go there almost weekly. No beef. The old place was a real dive:))

        1. I haven’t been to the new place in Harrison yet, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they took the entryway curtain from the old place with them.

      2. Try Frankie & Louie’s on Willett Ave in Port Chester. Great Italian cuisine, service, and the home made desserts beat any local bakery’s. ( Love Louie’s cannoli cake!)

        1. With all these amazing suggestions, I may have to scrap the EOSr blog name and reinvent myself as Italian Mama Pasta House Reviews! I’m up for it!

  2. Can’t believe you didn’t think of Muscoot Tavern on the back side of Katonah by the Pepsi HQ. Great old dive with traditional pasta and burgers fare. It’s always packed and I don’t know if they take reservations but it’s chip shot for you. No need to take your passport and cross into CT.

    1. Muscoot is a hoot. You are right it is packed, especially on a weekend but great fare, good local company. Thanks for the reminder. They do take reservations but it must be for large groups only as we have been when there’s been a line.

  3. If I just wanted yummy, old school spaghetti and meatballs, i’d go to my kitchen. But, it’s hard to beat going out with a group to a red sauce place for an evening of good fun. Extra points if the place serves wine in drinking glasses.

    1. Sometimes going out is just the ticket. No dishes. No cooking. We don’t go out all that often so when we do we like to enjoy. Stuffy fancy places leave us cold. I like atmosphere and good food.

  4. There are a few places I’d suggest.
    I second Pasta Vera on GR Ave.
    For old school you go to Pellicci’s in Stamford, don’t stay too late the neighborhood can be”rough”, but they have valet parking so you don’t fraternize with the boys in the hood.
    Also in Stamford, Cafe Silvium over near Shippan. It gets really crowded. While the wine is served in a wine glass, we do refer to it at a Cafe Silvium Pour they are generous. Really good food, high noise level tho.
    Then there is Villa Italia in Stamford. It used to be in a more hole in the wall spot but moved to this larger space a few years back and now doesn’t have the cozy feel. It’s family owned and run. Mom is there the son is in charge and the food is very good.

    I know you can’t take too many links, so only put in 2 our of 3, fyi.

  5. i am a fan of all those restaurants already mentioned, but i’d add Frank’s to the list. Almost excessively unpretentious. but good good food. and the lack of pretention [and lack of tablecloths and old decor] get you really cheap eats. near VarMax on the Portchester line.

    1. So many great suggestions. I may have to try every one. Thanks Douglas. We ended up not going out last night. Been postponed until Tuesday.

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