70 Down. 70 to Go?

I’m inching closer and closer to being age 70. Counting down days now, not months or years. Forty didn’t bother me. Fifty, a wee bit of hesitation. Sixty was a breeze. Seventy, yikes. It sure sounds old.


I’d have one big do-over if I could for the first 70. High school. I was out of my element, out of focus, clueless, and all-around stupid as hell – not in the brain sense – I did really well in English and French and Latin – all AP classes, but beyond that, fugettabouit.

I’d never want a do-over for my decision to move to Martha’s Vineyard. I’d say that was the best decision I never made. True independence. Learning to make do on a meager salary, eating a few too many sardine sandwiches. Making incredible friends. Had a fabulous job. And of course, it’s where I met and fell in love with Mr. EOS. MVY will hold a special place in my heart forever.

I’d say overall for the first 70, I’ve done alright. A few hurdles and glitches, but no one has a life free of glitches and hurdles, I’ve made some big mistakes too, who hasn’t.

I’m a decent daughter and mom. Up until 2016, I’d say I was a decent sister too. I’m a good friend, although also due to 2016, a good friend to fewer people than before 2016!

I’ve been a good steward of Bedford, civic minded and an active volunteer.  I happily gave time as well as money.

I’ve been good to animals. Good to the earth. Good to my country. Less good of late to my faith, having stepped back completely from regular church attendance.

I do wonder what I should do the next few decades I’m on this earth. I think I want more. But more of what? Not a career necessarily, but I have this longing for fame. I do feel I missed my calling being a writer, a famous one at that, so I’ve made up for it by plugging away at this blog for a decade. I wouldn’t call what I write here worthy of an award, but it is very fulfilling, very much a lot of fun, even though there are days when the best I can do is say I have nothing to blog about.

I’d like to save elephants. They are incredible animals on this planet. I’d also like to spend two years traveling through India and China. I’m determined to get to Oman. The greatest trips of late were the roads trips through the Heartland. Maybe this summer I can do more. North Dakota and South Dakota perhaps.

I’m happy at my core but still want more. More to accomplish personally. A new language perhaps or actually write that book that’s in my head? I’m not happy being complacent with being happy at my core. Does that make sense?

For today, my to-do list is pretty mundane. I’ll try and stay this way when I am famous. You can all say you knew me when! 🙂

Happy Friday. May Trump VETO this horrible Omnibus bill. Shut the government down if need be but VETO this bill!


12 thoughts on “70 Down. 70 to Go?

  1. 70 is the new 50. Bring it on. I’ve never felt better about myself than now and I’m older than you. I do mourn the loss of my husband but i have such good friends and a devoted son so I feel energized for the next 30 years. Write that book!!

    1. Happy Early Birthday. Are you an April baby like I am?? We’re stubborn ya know.

      I feel young at 70. Other than my bum left shoulder and too many pounds on me, I am healthy. Knock on wood I stay that way. You too.

    1. I watched until Kimmel made it all about his hate for Trump, calling him Captain Whacko. Kimmel can’t sop inserting himself and his views in every interview which is too bad because I wanted to hear the rest of what Roseanne and Dan Connor had to say. I’m looking forward to the remake of the show even though I’ve heard there’s a wee bit too much odd about it – a gender neutral child etc.

      I saw John Goodman on Broadway and was surprised how short he is. Looks like he’s lost a lot of weight.

      1. What show did you see him in? (I saw him in the Roger Miller musical Big River. He can sing.)

        1. Front Page. With Nathan Lane and John Slattery too. Decent enough play but not great. Goodman’s part was not huge. I don’t think the play lasted very long.

  2. Re the Omnibus bill: two things. Trump has called for a news conference at 1pm. I bet he does NOT veto bill. Plus Rush Limbaugh just announced that the folks who passed this bill are trying to separate Trump from his voters and render Trump inconsequential. Truth in that comment.

    1. I’m watching. It is assumed he will sign the bill. It sickens me. Your comment from Rush makes sense, although I’m not a fan of Rush.

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