It’s a Whole Lotta Pork!


The One Point Three TRILLION dollar Omnibus Bill is 2,232 pages of pork bellies, pork chops, pork shoulder and a big old fat pork butt for taxpayers. So much for the fiscally responsible GOP. Fie on all of you.

It continues funding for Public Television, funding for Planned Parenthood etc. Quotes are from Washington Post:

Jury duty: If you serve on a federal jury, your daily pay rate will increase to $50 per day — a bipartisan win sought in part after two dozen federal grand jurors in Washington petitioned House and Senate judiciary committee members last fall, saying the current pay rate is “abysmal,” below the minimum wage and a hardship.

Baseball: Should the bill pass, some minor-league ballplayers could see a raise this year — but only barely. The Save America’s Pastime Act exempts pro baseball players from federal labor laws and has been a major lobbying priority for Major League Baseball ever since minor-league players began suing the league in recent years for paying them illegally low wages. The version in the bill only exempts players working under a contract that pays minimum wage, but there are major loopholes: The contract only has to pay minimum wage for a 40-hour workweek during the season, not spring training or the off-season — and it includes no guarantee of overtime even though baseball prospects routinely work long hours. Thus, under the bill, a player is guaranteed a minimum salary of $1,160 a month. The current minor-league minimum is $1,100 a month.

Health care (aka ObamaCare): Left out of the bill was a health-care measure sought by GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) that would have allowed states to establish high-risk pools to help cover costly insurance claims while restoring certain payments to insurers under the Affordable Care Act. Trump, who ended the “cost-sharing reduction” payments in the fall, supported the Collins-Alexander language. But Democrats opposed it because they claimed it included language expanding the existing prohibition on federal funding for abortions.

I’ve heard Schumer say there’s money in it for the Long Island to Westchester tunnel but I can’t confirm.

I’ll end my rant of disgust for the GOP with two tweets from Rand Paul, both of which I wholeheartedly agree.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Whole Lotta Pork!

  1. I wanted Rand Paul for president but he didn’t have enough countywide appeal. The bill is insane and even Trump supporters are livid at what it pays for. They should be livid.

    1. Rand Paul fan here too but he had too many GOP RINOs against him to be elected. I fear this bill Trump will go along to get along. Bad move before midterms. his conservative base will be crushed.

  2. If it allows, read the whole thread from Rand. It’s not only pork but it’s stuffed with baloney.

    1. My stomach hurts from watching Trump speak. It’s the end of Trump. He’ll never get re-elected in 2020 now. I’m reading the vitriol on Twitter from serious Trump supporters who are apoplectic. I’m furious. I need chocolate or a Hawaiian pizza. Or both!

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