If This weren’t scary as hell it’s be funny as hell

I got an email last week saying Welcome Back to Facebook. What??? I had a FB account about ten years ago when I first started the blog, thinking I might use it. I never did. Never posted once. Forgot I had the account until the email binged in. I logged in, even though I had no clue what the password was and never wrote it down, but I managed to guess right and get in. From there I clicked the links to deactivate my account. I thought I was done.

Until now, when another email binged in:

Hey Earthoceansky,
The Facebook account associated with xxxxxxx@xxxxxx dot net was recently reactivated.

With this profile photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now what??????????????????????


23 thoughts on “If This weren’t scary as hell it’s be funny as hell

  1. That’s a common phishing trick – just be glad that email wasn’t your bank and they get your bank details!! If you were to look VERY VERY carefully at the original email address you will find that it didn’t come from Facebook.

    1. That’s the first thing I looked at. The first. I wasn’t born yesterday.

      Here’s the email

      I scoured it six ways to Sunday, knowing and understanding how easy it is to phish. Come to find out this fine young woman is from Russia and did log into my FB account. FB walked me through what to do. Also, I use about six email accounts, the two EOS brands are for blog related things only.

      1. I guarantee you that if you drill down to the email details (click on the dropdown arrow beside “Me” you will see that the sender is different to “security@facebookmail.com”. It’s too much of a co-incidence that one week after you get email that your account is hacked.

  2. As an update, this is a Russian bot! Truly. She logged in from Ulbe (sp?) Russia so I had to go to great lengths to change passwords. This is, mind you, after thinking I had already deactivated my account.

  3. If you an advanced techy has this happen, how are the rest of us non-nerds going to keep ourselves above water with all this internet trouble as it grows and expands. Going to need the Geek Squad guys on speed dial.

    1. There are plenty of times I can’t get something. The hardest job I have is to explain what can go wrong on the internet to my mother. She’s more susceptible.

  4. I was about to make a Walt type comment but realized I lack the skills,I’m just a boy.its best to leave it to the master.

        1. Uh oh. I don’t know what a “butterface issue” is. Do I want to know? Probably not.

          The good news is I never have used my FB page so there was nothing to steal other than my EOSr name. When I first started blogging I also got a Twitter handle EOSr but realized I didn’t like my personal political views linked to my Twitter handle. I left the name go then regretted giving it up. When I last looked, a Japanese porn star had taken over the moniker. It’s like people can surf “handles that were just given up”.

      1. That’s weird my comment was anonymous,anyhows I’m Russian on both sides of the family and have know many Russian lady’s.in my professional option she doesn’t look Russian to me,also I think she used to be a guy.i went to carnival in Brazil when I was a young man and had an unfortunate liaison with a women.lesson learned it was a close call,I’m blushing 😊 I did get to meet the great Ayrton Senna

        1. FB said her log in was from Russia but I wouldn’t know. I’ll trust your expertise with you being Russian on both sides! Awesome heritage.
          Your Brazil carnival story is hysterical. I’m sure you weren’t the first or last to tell such a story.

  5. O/T but same theme, John Bolton replaces HR McMaster. Going from one scary guy to someone even scarier. And then there is your post on the ‘budget’ deal in Congress. Sigh!!!

    1. I saw a million comments yesterday about Bolton. So many were in praise of the man. Equal number called him scary. I don’t know what to think. I’m perplexed. You think Bolton is too much of a war hawk? Is that your issue with him?

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