A Funny

From WordPress, a sale for The End Of Winter!

But this….updated now for up to 18″. Even NYC is alerting residents.

I ran a few errands this morning and the whole of Westchester County was out preparing for tonight’s onslaught. I needed new batteries for my Bose sound system remotes. I love the player but there’s no On Off switch on the unit itself. The batteries are dead? Foshizzle, outta luck pal. I got the batteries but damn, opening them from their packaging. I’m close to setting off a bomb to unearth the battery from the layers of cardboard and plastic. Insane.

In honor of the snow, I made a late lunch therefore no dinner pizza to pretend we’re in Hawaii. A little pineapple and ham pizza on dough from the supermarket refrigerator case. The dough is actually a little TOO thin. But I imagine we’ll eat it anyway.

Otherwise, we’re in Wait For The Snow Mode. Tick tick. Tick. Tick.

26 thoughts on “A Funny

  1. I’m hanging around waiting for snow as well. It feels and looks like snow is on its way. The time of arrival and the amount to shovel change with every update and every meteorologist. Last week, we expected 18 to 20”. When it stopped, there were 3-4” on the driveway. Drove right out and let the sun do the plowing. Hope my luck holds out this time.

    1. When I grow up I want to be a meteorologist. I can say anything I want. Make up snow totals. Use wrong data for my analysis and not once get fired. That’s what I call job security!

        1. There were two types of ham in my pizza. Canadian bacon I diced as the underlay, the pineapple, then I put thin slices of Boars Head Maple Honey Ham on top. The very slightest sprinkle of mystery Italian cheeses from a bag. Voilà. It was yummy but I did not like the crust. Even though it looked crisp on top, the underside was meh.

    1. To each his own…Planet Pizza “Hawaiian” with double amount of toppings (pineapple, bacon, ham X 2) is my favorite. I order one at least once every two weeks. As a minor variation I occasionally ask for anchovies to be added to the traditional “Hawaiian” toppings. Delicious and good for you, too!

      1. Anchovies, pineapple, bacon, and hamx2. My kind of man! Planet Pizza is in Greenwich I presume?

        There’s NO good pizza for delivery around here. None. Marcella’s in Mount Kisco has great pizza but we are out of their delivery circle. Plus, we live so far out, by the time pizza gets here, it’s cold. Banksville Pizza is too greasy for me so we don’t order from there. Amore in Armonk is lousy pizza. That’s why 99% of the time I make my own. I have a pizza stone one of the kids gave me. I buy pizza dough in a ball at the grocery store. Especially when the kidlets are here. I can make individual sizes with topping each grandchild wants. They like to help so it’s a team sport.

        1. Yes, Planet Pizza on Railroad Ave. in Greenwich. Usual delivery time from initial phone call ranges from 30 to 45 minutes. When I order my “double Hawaiian” pizza, I always also order a linguini with white clam sauce. I usually eke out three meals from that order.

        2. Years ago I used unsealed quarry tiles when I made pizza. I don’t know if you can even find them today. Now I use a baking steel. Heavy and expensive, it makes a terrific pizza.
          No snow here yet. It’s raw and windy.

        3. I think professional bakers still use unsealed quarry tiles. It’s something I’ve heard mentioned before. If I had to describe my pizza stone, I’d say it’s an unsealed quarry tile. I’m sure it’s not, but you get my drift.

          Speaking of drifts, this nor’easter is nothing. We’ve gotten at most 2″ of snow. It snows then stops then snows then stops. It’s snowing now but I doubt we’ll get a total of 3″ when done. Mr. EOS’s sister sent photo from RI. Nothing.

    1. I have a friend who’s a famous forensic psychiatrist. He’s often on TV after some psycho goes ballistic. If I didn’t know he was really busy every day, I’d email him and ask him to opine on crazy as a bat Hillary. She’s certifiable. It’s no surprise Bill is nowhere to be seen. He probably got Stormy Daniels phone number from Trump.

        1. It’s one thing to be invited up to a hotel suite in a Trump Hotel and quite another to be invited up to an apartment in Little Rock. I suspect the quality of their gets is a tad different.

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