With or Without?

Today is National Oatmeal Cookie Day. Mmmm. One of my favorites in the homemade category. But not all oatmeal cookie lovers like them the same way.

With or without raisins?

Chewy or crisp?

With chocolate chips?

With butterscotch chips?

With nuts?

Or just plain oatmeal and no added ingredients?

I vote chewy with raisins. Butterscotch chips are good too. Not chocolate chips.

Vote early and often.

14 thoughts on “With or Without?

  1. Chewy with raisins for me. Crisp without yukky raisins for the kids. Chewy with chocolate chips for husband.

  2. Without nuts, without raisins, without pb, without butterscotch. Pure oatmeal. Now you have me wanting oatmeal cookies. Who has a good recipe?

  3. Chewy and raisins. I’ve never called the cookie anything other than ‘oatmealraisin’ one word.
    Another, #4, nor’easter on tap for the middle of the week. Snow, wind, coastal flooding. Spring begins tomorrow.

  4. Chewy with craisins. Just got back from my sisters weekend in NYC. Thank you EOS person who recommended Come From Away! Absolutely wonderful. I truly felt like a “fish out of water” politically !

  5. I would generally choose something else over oatmeal raisin. My dad (chocoholic) used to feign extreme disappointment when he would mistake an oatmeal raisin for chocolate chip. Eldest sons favorite, though. I have been stubbornly refusing to buy a stand mixer for myself. When we were in Sweden, I figured I would just wait until we moved home. Then, I thought I would take my mothers, but I let my sister in law have it. My baking is awful, and I think it is because I don’t have the stand mixer, I do have a handheld, but never want to bother with it. So, my family suffers a lack of baked goods.

    We are home. At least it’s sunny, but spring doesn’t seem anywhere in site.

    1. I use my stand mixer once or twice a YEAR and even then I hate lugging it out. Pain. I am sure you can find tons of good used ones online, eBay or local Craigslist or even at Goodwill.

      1. Exactly. If I don’t want to get out the hand mixer, ya think I’ll ever get out a stand mixer? 😂

        I just spent 30 minuets searching for the 60 minuets clip of the Betsy devos interview, but all I could find were montages of how awful she was. Is one not allowed to watch the actual interviews anymore? Only the leftist spin? Or is it you snooze you lose? I admit I’m a week late to the party here…

        1. Aaah, welcome to the world of “we’ll show you what WE want you to see”. The entire liberal media skewered the Devos interview. She herself tried to defend what she said and said her comments were taken out of context, but one person doesn’t have the might to face CNN CBS NBC et al when they want a story to swing one way.

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