Shut up already with the snow forecast!

Sheesh. Starting tomorrow and into Wednesday. Even my mom is in a 4-8″ snow zone. The yard here was just starting to show grass as the massive amounts of snow slowly melted. But noooooooo, more snow on the way.

I’m the X.


I’m ready. I was out and about in Greenwich all day today, a slew of chores including sitting at ONS waiting for Dr. Miller to give me the skinny on my bum shoulder. Two doctors agree that in order to make it work properly ever again, it’s back under the knife. The rotator cuff surgery was major, requiring tons of PT afterwards. I’m not convinced I can go through it all again. Weighing the lifestyle alteration versus the pain and torture of surgery and PT. I’m strongly in the Undecided category. Dr. Miller did the surgery back in ’08 so it would only be Dr. Miller I’d have do it again. Most of me says no. But the part of me that wants to play golf and tennis again, says yes.

I sat in long lines at Splash Car Wash with dozens of others washing Teslas and Escalades. I was the low-end car option with my Q5.

I needed a few groceries so in my way out of town back to Bedford, I made life simple and turned right into the Acme instead of fretting to turn left into the Stop and Shop. Bad move. The Acme staff was very pleasant and helpful as I made my way through an unfamiliar layout looking for English Muffins but overall the store looked very tired. But in all honestly, so was I. Undercaffeinated. Underfed. Over chored.

Just in case there’s no power tomorrow, here’s a great Ramirez cartoon sent to me by reader Big Kahuna.


Yawn. How can it be bedtime at 8:22??? Good night.

4 thoughts on “Shut up already with the snow forecast!

    1. I actually LOVE the snow and that soundtrack is pretty close to how I feel when I see it snow. EXCEPT today and tomorrow. I’ve noticed all the major local oil companies out delivering so furnaces can run. No landscaping trucks yet. Only snow plows. The parking lot of the gas station today was mobbed, long lines to fill up, buses too. I didn’t need to go to the supermarket but I could see down and in to Shoprite’s lot – full. This storm seems to have some significance. NYPD tweeted that even the city will see 12-18″ of snow.

  1. Recently at Splash I saw a woman in a Tesla SUV remain in her vehicle during the wash and drive it to the drying area herself. In my many years of Splash washes I had never seen anyone do that before. Also was the first time I saw a Tesla SUV. Cool doors.

    1. The Greenwich Splash is the best of the entire chain. The crew is fast and efficient. The one here in Bedford Hills is awful. The old iteration of it, a one-laner, was perfect. The crew had all worked there for years, they ere a well oiled machine. Cars in. Cars out. fast. Now that Splash went all out for a huge new two-holer here, the old staff was relocated while the construction phase went on for years and this crew stinks. It takes forever and a day. If the Greenwich one were even a smidge closer, I’d use it as my default. They get high marks from me. Plus, what fun to check out all the extraordinary cars. In Bedford, it’s all silver Suburbans or silver Lexus SUVs. Boring crowd here.

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