Should We Tell Them???


You’d think someone, anyone, at Everytown, the huge anti-gun PAC, would vet a photo before publishing it. But this huge mistake is what happens when you have a room of liberal ninnies who know nothing about what they are against.

Everytown’s Twitter profile: Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.

So when NRA spokesman Dana Loesch mocks the photo, Shannon Watts, the Mom’s Demand Queen Bee, says…

Inaccurate thumbnail????????? The freaking bullets are in backasswards folks! Can’t make this stuff up.

19 thoughts on “Should We Tell Them???

  1. Ima Hogg and WhatsHerFace Emma have made appearances on every TV show known to mankind since the Parkland shootings. Last night 60 Minutes. This morning CBS again. Blah blah blah NRA is a terrorist. Blah blah blah NRA is your bitch if you are a senator taking money. It’ll be interesting to see after this weekends March (yet another march) if they fade into oblivion.

    I have yet to hear anyone in the anti-gun segment comment that the Parkland shooter was determined to need psychiatric hospitalization two years ago but no one did a thing. Like Adam Lanza was crazy and no one did a thing then either. It’s not the gun stupid. It’s not the NRA. It the lunatic who decides to shoot up innocent people.

    1. I didn’t watch 60 Minutes nor do I watch CBS This Morning anymore but I did see all the tweets with these two “stars”. Agree with your assessment all around.

      1. I’d like to know how Hogg and Gonzalez were “picked out” of the crowd by CNN cameras. Emma said it all happened so fast, the CNN cameras were right there. Hoggwash. I can’t stomach them,

        So, now abut the SOTN website. What’s the deal with comments off? Don’t they like or allow comments? That’s no fun.

        1. Don’t forget, Dave’s mom is a CNN producer.

          Don’t know enough ’bout SOTN, but, sometimes avoiding either the echo chamber or the scorching hot cauldron of hate couldn’t be a bad thing?

        2. Right, forgot about Dave’s mom. It’s *almost* as if mom texted CNN Florida producers two seconds after the shootings and said “say, need two activists”??

          99% of the reason I visit any website is for the echo chamber and the scorching hot cauldron of hate! Isn’t that why you’re here?? 😂😂😂

    1. Bingo. Take the fame out of the equation. Brilliant. CNN only airs stories with fame in its equation.

      Greenwich HS, The Indivisibles, and all Democrat funded groups love to LECTURE. They finger point and finger wag, from their perceived position of higher moral authority. It’s quite revolving to stand.

  2. My son gave me a t-shirt stating: “Alcohol Tobacco And Firearms Should Be A Convenience Store Not A Government Agency.”

    1. I dare you to wear that into Starbucks on Greenwich Ave around 9:30am with the Mom Brigade looking on. Or into Whole Foods!

      Great shirt though!!

      1. A couple of years ago I wore the shirt to a P.T. session at ONS. I sensed that the sentiments expressed by my shirt were definitely counter to the political views of most in attendance. On another P.T. session I wore a t-shirt emblazoned with “Heavily Medicated for Your Protection.” I think several therapists believed it to be accurate.

        1. Yes, on the advice of my “regular” doctor, I lived with the pain/discomfort for over a year and now, 15 months following the left shoulder surgery I’ve either become used to it or it’s actually decreased to a tolerable level.

        2. Actually, I’ve had surgery done on both shoulders. First, torn rotator cuff on right shoulder. Long but complete recovery aided by several weeks of P.T. Then, in Nov. of ’16, bone spur surgery on left shoulder. While in the shoulder, Dr. Sethi observed that rotator cuff to be about 20% torn but decided not to stitch it up. Recovery from bone spur surgery was relatively short compared to the previous right shoulder rotator cuff dig. However, pain persisted but in time faded away on the left shoulder. As of today, I have no complaints.

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