Livin’ La Vida Amish

No power. No cable. No internet. It’s sooooooo windy, (how windy is it?) so windy, a tree must have come down nearby.

I’ll be back when I can…..


4 thoughts on “Livin’ La Vida Amish

  1. I read ConEdison is giving out refunds and paying for grocery bills if your power outage was long enough for the whole fridge to be thrown out. You qualify?

    1. We got paid by our power company in NJ after Sandy. My brother was reimbursed several thousand when his deli was without power for a week and he had to reorder all new products.

  2. I have to think the people installing home generators will make out like bandits after this winter. Things have been relatively quiet in terms of prolonged power outages since Hurricane Sandy, which was the last big driver of sales.

    1. I’ve said this here before but the year we installed ours was a very stormy year with outage after outage. Our electrician made a fortune. Towns now have strict codes to install. Where it is on the property. It must have some coverage, like a fence or bushes. Has be x/# feet from property line. The weekly selftest hour is restricted too. None of this was in place when we installed ours but I know plenty of people who live on streets where everyone has a generator. The cacophony of humming is intense.

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