This is What I Have to Blog About


Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Zippo.

There’s still snow on the ground, lots of it. Hence, no spring gardening to report. Architect rolling his eyes at me for adding just one more thing to the renovation design. I finished Lilac Girls book and liked it very much. Recommend. No good movies to see.

In other words, I got nothing. Shoot me any ideas. Otherwise, hang tight til something happens. 🙂

27 thoughts on “This is What I Have to Blog About

  1. Nothing to talk about from me. I’m hoping Peter will check in soon and let us know where his RV has taken him.

  2. Did you know that the movies nominated for Academy Awards are available on Amazon Prime for $5.99? I watched 3 Billboards, Lady Bird & The Florida Project. All good. NOTHING good in the theaters now!

    1. I did NOT know that. Do I need a smart TV to watch them or do you watch them on your computer screen sitting at a desk? Dumb question I know but…

      1. If your TV can’t stream stuff like Amazon Prime or Netflix, all you need (besides a wireless router) is a cheap dongle like the Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. I had no idea of how much I was missing out on until I started streaming.

        1. The Chromecast does not support Amazon Video right out of the box. Apparently there are ways online to make it work, but they sound too convoluted to bother with.

        1. It does get hung up at three links. Even though I override that in my settings, WP holds it at bay, which is a good thing I suppose. I approved it and it’s there now.

  3. Read the reviews for Game Night. Pure escapism. It doesn’t have a message. It isn’t thought provoking. It won’t win Best Picture. With a good cast, clever dialog and a great chase scene, it’s simply an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. Sometimes, that’s all you want in a movie.

  4. I’m reading The Women in the Castle. I “borrowed” it from my library on my kindle! I love that it is free. Interesting book if you enjoy WW II history .

  5. Please blog how to get rid of the annoying Apple alert “your iCloud is almost full”. Drives me nuts.

      1. I moved many of my blog photos over to the cloud and that’s what’s taking up much of my space. Pain tho, trying to delete photos one at a time. I found no option to Select All and Delete All. I put blog photos on external drive too.

  6. If you can’t stream stuff like Amazon Prime and Netflix on your TV, all you need is a cheap dongle like the Amazon Fire Stick or the Google Chromecast. Apple TV is more expensive but links your Apple devices to your TV. I had no idea how much stuff I was missing out on until I started streaming.

  7. I heard about a great book called Lab Girl, by Hope Jahren. They raved. Anybody read it? Starting Caleb’s Crossing, and highly recommend A Gentleman in Moscow, the sequel to Rules of Civility (also great). I just finished Song of the Lark by Willa Cather. Wonderful.

    1. The Samsung that was misbehaving righted itself. If it can hold out until we do the addition and renovation, then I’ll get a new TV, maybe even a smart one.

  8. I popped that Hillary/Peter Griffin .gif on your site this morning and it disappeared into thin air.

    I missed Grey Gardens when it came out. Any inside info on those two?

    1. Holden: two of your comments landed in Spam, each had a video clip. I rescued them. They are in now. Don’t have any reason why your comments would end up in spam. I have not blocked you.

  9. Not that it matters much, but, have proffered two comments that have never made it. New rules?

    1. No new rules unless you added links that threw it into spam. I approved the others but I guess you’re saying you are a different anonymous. Maybe you’re the one I threw into the Banned Box?

  10. Book recommendation. The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May. The first of the trilogy is The Black House….set in the Hebrides Isles of Lewis and Harris.

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