Table? There’s a table?

The snow dump yesterday was monumental for parts of CT and NY. This pic from Cos Harbour! The I-395 corridor got particularly slammed. 20″ and more around Norwich and Putnam. According to this blogs roving RI reporter, the coastline seems spared. Not much snow at all and while the winds were strong, no damage. I think we’re done with major snowstorms this winter. Fingers crossed.

Me? I’m fine. Thanks for asking. Just sipping on some fine fine coffee this morning. Good stuff!

In other news, looks like the GOP candidate lost in PA. No surprise. Saccone seemed like a dud in my estimation. Plus, you knew Saccone was in trouble with appearances by Trump and Trump Jr. The Blue Wave could be real come November. IMHO, the GOP struggles to find really good local candidates.

Happy Hump Day nonetheless. Time to pour cup two!

6 thoughts on “Table? There’s a table?

    1. All the conservative twitter bots I follow are conceding Saccone was a bad candidate and lost because he didn’t come across well to the voters. They are accepting the election results as a done deal. No recounts. No absentee ballots will likely change the outcome. The libs I follow are saying the GOP in in serious trouble. Blue Wave. Only time will tell.

  1. The Dems control the message. They always have. They always will. They also know how to mobilize their voters. I read the Ds had a 76% turnout yesterday compared to a 53% R turnout. Same problem in Alabama. Rs have become lazy and the Ds are energized to impeach.

    Is the Gunship cofffee that good?

    1. You are spot on about the Dem messaging and turnout. I did not see those stats but wow, if true, the Rs have a long way to go to catch up.

      Yes, the coffee IS that good. ☕️✅

        1. I don’t think it’s a case. Or if they sell by a case, I didn’t see it. I just bought six. And for six you get a fortune cookie.

          Whole beans only and always.

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