51 Acres. On the Water. Historic. Taxes $5000. When can I move in?

Yes, I am done house shopping but this caught my eye on the website Old Houses. I scroll through it regularly, just because these old houses are often going unloved and unwanted.

This is Magnolia, in Mathews Virginia on the East River. I’d take it for the long driveway. The beautiful wood floors. The privacy and that boat, More Time. The outbuildings are pretty great too, if you were a gentleman horse farmer.

The Virtual Tour is helpful to understand the overall grace and beauty of the property.  I have no idea if it’s priced right or overpriced but I can see why someone would like this, despite it being in now Deep Blue Virginia.

Do I get a Yes or No?

9 thoughts on “51 Acres. On the Water. Historic. Taxes $5000. When can I move in?

  1. Yes if I were young and had horses. Otherwise, no. Lots of upkeep an maintenance.

    Back from Vero. Hated to leave but had to gt home to mound of mail.

  2. For $1.350m with 51 acres – I’d say yes. The house looks a skosh tired, but, it’s historic and still doable. I like it because it appears to be off the beaten path.

    1. I think it’s more than off the beaten path in terms of the nearest Starbucks and Walmart.

      The house is also a bit oddly laid out for my tastes, with lots of rooms that seem to do nothing.

      1. Yes and yes (odd rooms, no function), but, being creative types we can make it work.
        Being far away from ★bucks and Walmart and the people that frequent those places is a good thing (oh crap, there’s a Walmart SUPERCENTER in Gloucester – may need a re-think).

        1. I’ve only ever lived in houses that are as odd as I so I’m used to figuring out what to do to make them useful – except here where I plan to tear off those odd rooms and make ONE house I own not as odd as I am.

          There is no Walmart anywhere near me but I do admit to going into one when in RI. I moose around, find good cheap stuff, buy it, then get home and wonder why I bought so much good cheap stuff then tell myself I’m never going into another Walmart again. Until I do.

  3. Yes, a big Yes from me. It’s lovely. You could have it for a song. Well, a comparative song.

    1. The website Old Houses is really great to browse through. You can browse by state. It’s shocking how many gorgeous old houses are for sale, cheap. I was sold on this one for the $5000 annual tax bill!

      1. I didn’t know about Old Houses website but often check Antique Homes magazine on line. That one focuses on the northeast. The prices are often pretty low which reflects the low demand, I’m sad to say.
        I think you’ll have to hold on to the horses and llamas to keep the low taxes on the VA property.

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