Hillary is Full of Sh**


If you can stomach it, watch this newly released video of Hillary speaking in India. I mean she blames her loss on white women who vote because their husbands told them to and because middle America exists. She is crazy as a bat. Crazy.

I love the line…I was on the way to winning!

18 thoughts on “Hillary is Full of Sh**

    1. That’s today??? I’m surprised she was able to walk up those steps let alone back down. Is Bill with her on this trip or is she swinging in Mumbai solo?

      1. Perfect. I’ll see if I can find it but last night someone did a Family Guy gif of the stair falling. Hillary’s head on a scene when Peter starts to walk down the stairs then tumbles the rest of the way. I repeat: there’s never a bad time for a family guy gif.

        I can’t find the tweet. The problem is it was a RT by some I follow and not a direct tweet I can find again.

    1. It needs to drop already. Years worth of articles and headlines of Clinton Cash scam. Indict them or move on. I can’t stand the wait.

    1. Anonymous, why bother reading this blog if you hate Trump and you know EOS is a Trump fan? Is your sole purpose to be a prick? Seems so. Go post comments on HuffPo and WaPo.

  1. Poor Hillary. Lost the election due to female voters who are mere Stepford Wives marching to their misogynistic husbands’ tunes. Strange she can’t imagine a world in which women vote in the privacy of a polling booth for whomever they feel best represents their interests.

    1. Ha. Haters are an odd lot. Seems their whole purpose is to be full of spite etc. I don’t get it. (She said after posting a headline Hillary is full of sh**!!) 😬😂

  2. This one is funny.

    As for Hillary being full of shit, I think it’s more she’s full of denial. She honestly believes what she’s saying so in that regard she’s not full of shit. She is crazy though.

    We have over 10” new snow here in Ledyard CT.

    1. Gina!! That’s very funny!!

      You got that much new snow?? We maybe got 5” new. Very wet snow. All done snowing now. RI coast has seen very little but Mr. EOS says very windy with intermittent power and cable outages. Inland, like Providence, snow.

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